Cover photo cred - @chrismforsyth
Urban Exploration, often coined simply as urbex, is the exploration of man-made structures or the various components of the urban environment. Thanks to talented Montreal Instagramers, the hidden beauty of the dirty, gritty, and raw cityscapes in which we live, often neglected and unseen, are being showcased with spectacular results. Here a few examples of #urbex at its finest.

User: @chrismforsyth

Forte: Crane-climbing/cityscapes

Posts: 114

Followers: 496

User: @somewhereinmontreal

Forte: Colourful urban perspectives/abandoned spaces

Posts: 196

Followers: 506

User: @miss_51cath

Forte: Chasing light/night shots

Posts: 196

Followers: 506

User: @jfsavaria

Forte: Street art/industrial/HDR/restricted access

Posts: 2,058

Followers: 4,325

User: @montrealiste

Theme: Industrial spaces/urban colour

Posts: 1,444

Followers: 2,145

User: @kelseylitwin

Theme: Night-time cityscapes

Posts: 107

Followers: 417

User: @threeeyed

Forte: Lines & symmetry

Posts: 343

Followers: 1,760

User: @ofthemount

Theme: Hard-to-find street art

Posts: 113

Followers: 110

User: @fleurde.lys

Forte: Serious eye for detail

Posts: 675

Followers: 38,4777

User: @similisami

Theme: Unique urban perspectives

Posts: 1,448

Followers: 1,369

User: @charest

Theme: Industrial/HDR

Posts: 2,047

Followers: 1,145

User: @hm.pix

Theme: Clean, crisp captures

Posts: 173

Followers: 494

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