Peter Menzel has created an amazing set of pictures of real people and their real daily diets by going around the world and displaying people with what they eat. With 80 images, he`s put together a book called "What I Eat: Around The World in 80 Diets." where he shows people from different countries and with different occupations with their typical dialy dose of food. His all around goal was for people to make better decisions for themselves, and as you`ll see, some poeple are already eating very healthy, while others, well not so much. Here`s a sneak peak inside his book.

Bruce Hopkins, lifeguard : Bondi Beach, Australia

Viahondjera Musutua, Himba tribeswoman

Maria Ermelinda Ayme Sichigalo, farmer and mother of eight: Central Andes, Ecuador

Shashi Kanth, a call center worker: Bangalore, India

Takeuchi Masato, professional sumo wrestler: Nagoya, Japan

Marble Moahi, mother living with HIV/AIDS: Ghanzi, Botswana

MTL Blog, Montreal group of bloggers: Quebec, Canada ;) lol

Have you ever realized how much or how little you eat in a day?


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