Being a student at McGill is never easy, in fact it's straight up demanding. But there's this one thing that quickly becomes the bane of every student's existence — Minerva. Having to deal with this system that's turbulent, to say the least, can lead to some pretty interesting and hair-pulling-out-worthy moments.

Here are 9 struggles that every McGill student will face at least once in their student career while using Minerva.

1. Going to sign up for courses and having the site immediately crash. Every. Single. Year.

2. Being locked out of your account for no apparent reason

3. And never actually remembering what your PIN is so you can't get back in

4. So then you have to wait for IT to unlock it for you

5. When it won't let you sign up for that class you need, even if you're in the program and have all the pre-reqs. "Reserve Closed" anyone?

6. And then when you DON'T  have the prerequisites for a class it lets you sign up anyway!

7. You can't even test your registration before it opens so that you don't get blindsided by these things

8. And when the class you want is full, it almost never has a waiting list

9. So you end up checking the listing every other second, hoping someone has dropped out

10. Getting approval on any sort of application takes 3 times longer than it says it's going to

11. You constantly have to go "back" to change between semesters, which is just plain annoying

12. But at the end of the day you hate how much you secretly love it because it basically keeps your entire life in order

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