Don't have a costume for Halloween yet? No problem!

You're lucky enough to live in Montreal, a place where anything and anyone can be a costume if you use a little imagination. 

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There are a ton of Montreal themed costumes you can make yourself with a few common household items, that way you can combine your love of Halloween with the love you have for the city.

1. Justin Trudeau

Pink shirt, white pants and a selfie stick. 

2. Sad Montreal Canadiens Fan

All you need is a jersey, a brown paper bag and a re-run of any Habs game from this season.

3. Montreal Stripper / Super Sex Sign

via @richardrhyme

All you need is a bikini and a cape. 

4. Cop With Clown Pants

Just buy a crappy cop costume and wear the brightest and most ridiculous pants you can find. 

5. Osheaga Girl

So easy to put together, people might not even realize you're wearing a costume. 

6. Denis Coderre

Find a color printer, a piece of cardboard, and a pillow depending on how fat you are. 

7. Angry Taxi Driver

Get a shirt, write how much you hate Uber on it and and you're done. 

8. Traffic Cone Wizard

Look outside. You see that cone? Of course you do. Stick it on your head and you're done! 

9. Ticket Scalper

Grab the ticket stubs from whatever last event you attended last, and put on your dirtiest t-shirt.

10. The Infamous Ugly Christmas Tree

You just need a Canadian Tire ornament, then you just have to walk around looking sad. 

11. Flood Victim

Roll up your pants and walk around off balance. (Bonus if you have a sandbag or a bucket)

12. Celine Dion 

Find a ridiculous dress, cut out the front middle part,  grab a hairbrush for a mic and keep singing the titanic song. 

13. Poutine

Okay this one might not be "last minute", but we kinda had to put it on the list. Sort of like this syrup can:

Honorable mentions: 

  • Giant Traffic Cone

  • Fat Squirrel

  • A Banned Pitbull

  • A Pothole

  • A No Parking Sign

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