It's that time of the year where all you guys kick back and join the gym so that you don't gain holiday weight. We all know how hard it is to be motivated to go to the gym, but these 13 fit guys in Montreal are killing the game! Their Instagrams are HELLA motivating so be sure to check them out if you need that extra push to go to the gym, simply click on the picture to access their Instagram!

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These guys are health and fit fanatics that take working out to an extreme level! They will motivate you to get in shape just by checking out how much they lift and push themselves via their Instagrams! It's time to go to the gym (after you read this article) and start lifting so that you can say yes to the question: do you even lift bro?

Get Motivated By @matsthetics

Get Motivated By @alexpaulfitness

Get Motivated By @jesseflynnfitness

Get Motivated By @bennybfit

A photo posted by Benny Benaroch (@bennybfit) on

A video posted by Benny Benaroch (@bennybfit) on

Get Motivated By @goodfitt_fitness

Get Motivated By @watraining

A photo posted by Wandley (@watraining) on

A video posted by Wandley (@watraining) on

Get Motivated By @mickey_langston

Get Motivated By @shawnmozen

A photo posted by Shawn Mozen (@shawnmozen) on

A video posted by Shawn Mozen (@shawnmozen) on

Get Motivated By @salomon.fitnation

Get Motivated By @coach_leksa

Get Motivated By @brah_sensation

Get Motivated By @mclarryzz

Get Motivated By @derricorks

Get Motivated By @jason_thecore_altidor

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