The benefits of having girl friends are pretty much infinite. Possibly the best benefit is always having someone to kill time and try new things with. All year round in Montreal, there's never any shortage of things to do with your girl friends - especially now that it's summer. The options are seemingly endless. For all the ladies out there, we've come up with 13 things for your and your besties to do this summer to make sure you have the best time ever.

1. Start working on your summer tan

Summertime means sunshine, and sunshine means one thing: tanning. It's finally time to banish your pale winter skin for the next few months, so grab your bestie and head over to one of Montreal's awesome parks to get your tan on.

2. Make your very own alcoholic popsicles

When it comes to beating the heat you have a few options. You could grab a nice cool drink, have a refreshing frozen popsicle, or you could say 'screw it' and just combine the two. This cucumber gin and tonic popsicle is pretty damn delicious, and if you want something more fruity, you could try a mango and rum popsicle or a lime and raspberry sangria popsicle.

3. Check out as many terrasses as possible

Montreal is known for many things, and their kick-ass terrasses are one of them. This summer is the perfect time for you and your friends to grab a drink, soak up some sun, and check out the best terrasses that Montreal has to offer.

4. Drink copious amounts of sangria

Splitting a pitcher of sangria with your friends is great all year round, there's no denying that, but when the summer heat finally comes around, it gives you even more of a reason to drink this fruity nectar of the gods. Montreal has plenty of bars and restaurants with delicious sangria that are just waiting to be discovered by you.

5. Take an outdoor yoga class

Every year Yoga Santeplus offers yoga classes in Maisonneuve Park from June to September. Your first class is free and every class after that is only $6. So grab your friends and your mats and head on over there for a good outdoor workout.

6. Food trucks

If you can't pig out with your girl friends, then what else are they good for? Montreal has so many amazing food trucks with some truly delicious fare that you guys need to make it your mission to try nearly every one of them.

7. La Ronde

If you and your friends are the thrill seeking type, then a day at La Ronde is perfect for you. Together, you can ride every coaster, screaming as loudly and shrilly as you want - without judgment. Oh, and don't forget to indulge in some of the classic carny food.

8. Take your movie nights outdoors

Vegging out and watching a movie is a classic girls night plan. But since it's gotten warmer in Montreal, you can now move your movie nights outdoors and take in a flick under the stars. Cinéma en plain air au parc des Companions-de-Saint-Laurent has outdoor movies every Wednesday night at 9pm.

9. Have yourselves a beach day

Just because you're in the city for the summer doesn't mean you and your girls can't have some fun in the sand and sun. Montreal has plenty of beaches for you to lay out on, play volleyball, or even go for a swim. You can take the more urban route and go to Clock Tower Beach, or you can go to Cap Saint Jacques beach for something a little further into nature.

10. Treat yourselves to a spa day

Whether you opt for a full blown spa day, or just want to get your nails done, treating yourselves to a little bit of luxury is always sure to be a good time. And remember, summer means you're going to be wearing sandals, and sandals mean you gotta keep up those pedicures, ladies.

11. Try your luck at finding Channing Tatum

At this point, pretty much every lady in Montreal is aware that Channing Tatum is going to be gracing us with his heavenly presence this summer while they film the newest X-Men movie. So if you and your friends are feeling lucky, you can get your stalker mode on and go on a man hunt for the one and only Mr. Tatum.

12. Sidewalk sales

Shopping with your girl friends is always a good time, but going to sidewalk sales? It's a full-on adventure. When there's that much stuff going on you're definitely going to need multiple sets of eyes to make sure you guys get every good find that's out there.

13. Eat all of the fro-yo

Fro-yo might be stereotypically 'girly', but we're willing to embrace that stereotype wholeheartedly because this stuff is delicious. And it just so happens that going for fro-yo makes for the perfect friend-date. So the next time you're looking to have a quick meet up with one of your friends, go grab yourselves a bowl.
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