Honestly, Montreal is a pretty straightforward city. Our boroughs are clearly named and organized; our businesses and points of interest are, too. Pretty much, what you see (an awesome city) is what you get (an awesome city).

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But there are a few nicknames that Montreal has developed over the years for some of our spots. Here are but a few of the many.

1. The Big O

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A skating spot in Montreal's East End.

2. The Main

Montreal's St. Laurent Boulevard is nicknamed The Main, because it's pretty much one of the biggest arteries in the whole city.

3. The Lookout

The Lookout on Mount Royal, from which you can see the entire city, is actually called the Kondiaronk Belvedere.

4. The Julep

AKA, the Orange Julep, one of Montreal's most famous eateries.

5. The Mountain

Montreal's Mount Royal, but mainly the upper parts.

6. Bellepro

A shortened version of Montreal chain fast-food restaurant, Belle Province.

7. The Village

Montreal's Gay Village, situated in the Ville-Marie borough of the city.

8. HoMa

The Hocholaga-Maisonneuve borough of Montreal.

9. Second Chinatown

The area near Concordia University that kind of developed into a slightly more legit Montreal Chinatown.

10. 55th Avenue

A fancy way to call Parc Jacques-de-Lesseps in Dorval, where you can watch the nearby planes taking off and landing.

11. Apartment

An abbreviation for Montreal's Apartment 200, a bar on Boulevard St. Laurent.

12. $2 Chow

This spot is situated on Boulevard St. Laurent (AKA The Main), too. Their specialty is opening up super late and serving $2 peanut butter noodles. The real name of this spot just might remain a mystery.

14. The Dep

A blanket term for every depanneur (AKA corner/convenience store) in the city.

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