Alright, raise your hand if you've ever seriously considered checking out Sweden.

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No worries if your hand's not raised, friend. Sweden is a gorgeous place; but for some reason, not too many people I know have hyped it up as much as some other spots in Europe.

Which is weird, because, like I said, Sweden is pretty much the definition of glorious. If you're debating weather or not to go check it out, then no worries.

I've got a few reasons why you absolutley, totally, and completley should hop on a plane and check out this European country ASAP.

1. Sweden is literally chalk full of history.

There are historic old cities, palaces, museums, and many, many more things that would interest pretty much every single history buff.

2. Everything is gorgeous there - even their amusement parks.

Lisberg, located in Göteborg, Sweden, is a really fun amusement park that also happens to double as a sculpture garden.

3. It's literally the perfect spot to peep the Northern Lights.

Imagine falling asleep under this?

4. Sweden has some pretty breathtaking views.

Like the Øresund Bridge, which links Sweden to Denmark.

5. You can be as lowkey as you like.

6. Or as lavish as you like, too.

7. The architecture is seriously mind-blowing.

8. You've got the perfect blend of city...

9. ... And nature.

10. There's literally no such thing as an ugly season in Sweden.

11. It's perfect for thrill seekers.

12. And people who like to take things easy.

13. There's literally art at every corner.

14. And, all in all, Sweden is a gorgeous, diverse, culturally-rich country.

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