Bisexuality. It's the B in LBGT. And yet there are still a lot of people - straight AND gay - who seem to think that it doesn't really exist.

Bi guys get their share of crazy bullsh*t thrown at them, but today, let's take a look at what the ladies have to deal with.

1. "You're just confused."

2. "You're gay but afraid to admit it."

3. "You're straight but you want to be edgy".

4. "You just want guy's attention."

5. "Why are you bi? You're so pretty!"

6. "If you're dating a guy, that makes you straight."

7. "If you're dating a girl, that makes you a lesbian."

 8. "So... you like threesomes?"

 9. Straight man: "I could never date a bisexual... she'd leave me for a chick."

 10. Lesbian: 'I could never date a bisexual... she'd leave me for a man."

11. Straight man: "You could cheat on me with other girls... but only if I can watch."

12. "Oh, you're bi... kinky..."

13. "But, like... why don't you just choose one or the other?"

14. "Will you be our unicorn?"

And bi ladies across the land are just like:

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