To wear a shirt, or not to wear a shirt? These Instagrammers aren't even asking this question any more, as their choice as been made, and its not in favour of clothing.

Three ladies are quite literally taking the world by storm and going around the globe taking photos, without wearing any shirts. Under the Instagram name "The Topless Tour," what started as a simple post-skinny dipping photo has become an Instagram-wide movement, with the topless initiative expanding outside of the original trio.

None of the photos show any nip, as 'gram has an anti-nudity policy, so the photos are all of people topless from behind. Fun and freeing, The Topless Tour is even gaining ground as a feminist movement. I don't know if you can take it that far, but as a long as these women, or anyone participating, feel liberated in their topless pics, then its a good thing.

You can participate too, just hashtag your own topless pic with #TheTopLessTour. Include a #Montreal, and you may just make it onto our next volume of Best #Montreal Instagram Pictures

Check out a sample of The Topless Tour below.

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