Even though summer is over and that itch to get out and explore may have dissipated that doesn't mean we have to give up on exploring! Fall is actually an amazing time to get out explore everything Quebec has to offer.

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There's tons of amazing mountains, lakes and hiking trails all over Quebec that will offer stunning views of the gorgeous fall foliage that's about to come our way in the next couple weeks. 

Experts say mid-September until mid-October is the best time to go leaf-peeping in Quebec, so the time is almost here! Find your favourite hiking trail from this list of amazing fall hiking views!

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Mont Orford 

Distance: 1 hour 20 mins 

Difficulty: 💪 💪

Length: 1-4 hours 

Why you should go: Hiking trails at Mont Orford range from super to easy to difficult depending on your skill level! You'll find paths past sparkling lakes, forest trails, and amazing view points at the top. 

Mont St Bruno 

Distance: 33 mins 

Difficulty: 💪

Length: 1-3 hours 

Why you should go: Mont St Bruno offers tons of forest trails giving you up-close views of the fall colours! There's also tons of animal species here giving you the opportunity to spot some wildlife.

Mont Saint Sauveur 

Distance: 1 hour 

Difficulty: 💪

Length: 1-4 hours 

Why you should go: This stunning area is an amazing ski hill in the winter, a fun water park in the summer, and a beautiful hiking area in the fall! You'll spot tons of stunning foliage on your way up the mountain.

Mont Owls Head

Distance: 1 hour 32 mins 

Difficulty: 💪💪💪

Length: 3-4 hours 

Why you should go: The hiking trail at Mont Owls Head is a 12 km round trip hike with stunning views! Once you get to the top you get a beautiful view of the lake below surrounded by all the bright fall foliage!

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Mont Tremblant

Distance: 1 hour 48 mins 

Difficulty: 💪 💪

Length: 30 mins - 3 hours 

Why you should go: Hiking trails here range from super easy to much more difficult depending on what you're looking for! You'll get to hike through the stunning Laurentian mountains and get some seriously amazing views from the top.

La Mauricie National Park

Distance: 2 hours 9 mins 

Difficulty: 💪 💪

Length: 30 mins - 7 hours 

Why you should go: There's so many hiking trails available at this National park it's almost overwhelming! This gives you so many choices to choose from depending on how long and how difficult you want your hike to be. Most hikes go around the numerous lakes in the park and all of them lead to stunning view points at the top!

Parc Regional Des Sept Chutes

Distance: 1 hour 52 mins 

via @natjreidini

Difficulty: 💪 💪

Length: 2-5 hours

Why you should go: This was definitely my favourite hiking spot from last fall! All the trees were dotted with different coloured reds, yellows and oranges with greens mixed in! It was so stunning. All the trails lead up to the top with amazing views of the leaves below you.

Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook

Distance: 1 hour 51 mins

Difficulty: 💪

Length: 1-4 hours 

Why you should go: This stunning hike takes you over Quebec's longest suspension bridge, past hidden caves and through forest trails! There's tons of trails to choose from but you can do them all in one day if you feel like it!

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Vallée Bras-du-Nord

Distance: 2 hours 45 mins 

via @valleebrasdunord

via @valleebrasdunord

Difficulty: 💪 💪 💪

Length: 2-13 hours 

Why you should go: There's more than 80 km worth of hiking trails here and they really range in length and difficulty giving you tons of options. They'll take you over bridged pathways, past shimmering lakes, by rocky bluffs and to the top of mountainous hills! 

Gatineau Park 

Distance: 2 hours 50 mins 

via @gatineaupark

via @gatineaupark

Difficulty: 💪

Length: 1-3 hours 

Why you should go: The hiking trails are relatively easy but offer super stunning views! If you want a longer hike the trails will take you to the top of the hill where you'll get stunning views of the fall foliage below you.

Mont Megantic National Park

Distance: 2 hours 30 mins 

Difficulty: 💪 💪 💪

Length: 1.5-8 hours 

Why you should go: There are tons of easy hiking trails in this park, but if you want the best views you're going to have to take the more difficult ones to the top. But don't worry, you'll get an amazing reward once you get there! With panoramic views of the gorgeous foliage, you definitely won't regret it.

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Bic National Park: 

Distance: 5 hours 4 mins 

via @dantyartphotography

via @amazing_world97

Difficulty: 💪💪

Length: 30 mins - 3 hours 

Why you should go: This stunning park is located right on the coast giving stunning views of Quebec's amazing coast line! What more could you ask for here?

Grands-Jardins National Park

Distance: 4 hours 25 mins 

Difficulty: 💪 💪

Length: 1-5 hours 

Why you should go: You'll find so many different landscapes here from tundra to lush forests to rocky mountainous cliffs! It's all there and available to you at different difficulty levels from beginner to expert. 

Parc National des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Riviere-Malbaie 

Distance: 4 hours 56 mins 

Difficulty: 💪  💪

Length: 15 mins - 6 hours 

Why you should go: This awesome park has stunning views of the expansive gorge below! You can get these views from the top with just a 15 min hike or you can take a longer trek around the entire park in 6 hours!

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