We've all been there and done that so now grab your BFF and laugh at all the ridiculous things you say to guys when they hit on you at clubs. You are either into him or not and these are the things girls say that will help you know when you should just leave her alone.

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1. "I always come to Apartment 200"

She's trying to look cool and that she has connections with the club.

2. "I'm just gonna go to the bathroom"

You won't see her for the rest of the night.

3. "Sorry, I just need to see where my friends are they are somewhere on St.Laurent"

Either she is making her great escape or her friends are worried.

4. "We should get a shot I'm barely tipsy"

She expects you to hook her up with some free shots and then bounce.

5. "Have you met my friend she goes to Dawson too?"

She actually has a boyfriend and is a wing girl to her BFF.

6. "I'm here for my friends' birthday"

She probably came with two of her BFFs or she isn't close to the birthday girl.

7. "I'm gonna be at Apartment half the night and then at Rouge"

Trying to look cool or desperately making an escape.

9. " I will be right back I just want some air!"

She probably left for Rouge.

10. "I love 2 dollar noodles!'

She expects you to be with her by the end of the night and that you will buy her 2 dollar noodles.

11. "The music is so bad here, have you ever been to NCG?"

She hopes that you go to her fav club too to be up again and that you like the same music.

12. "Sorry I just have to answer it's my dad I live in the West Island so I need his Uber

If she is constantly checking her phone she is not interested...

13. "Ya I live near the Olympic Stadium"

She is comfortable with you and doesn't mind getting personal.

14. "Have you ever been to the Garden Of Lights?"

She expects you to say you'll take her there after your hang out in the club

15. "Let's walk to the gas station together for our cabs!"

You are in.

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