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Montreal is a city of smart individuals. It’s a place filled with students perusing a higher education, politically aware and involved citizens, and not to mention the astounding amount of bilingualism. But since I am not a native Montrealer, I have a perspective that allows me to see that though these people are smart, there are just some things that don’t get through.

1.The Metro Etiquette

Okay. You’re not supposed to get on the train until everyone is off. But no matter what percentage of people who follow this rule, some asshole will always insist to walk on as soon as the doors open (and proceed to get mad when others push them)

2. Traffic Lights/Signs

When Montrealers get in a car, the fucks are thrown to the wind. They might as well be color blind because apparently a red light means nothing in this city.

3. Proper Cigarette Disposal

Believe it or not, cigarette butts are not meant to be thrown on the ground. There are these magical disposal systems all across the city, put in place just for you. Wow.

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4. Drunkenness Does Not Equal Hunger

Although it sometimes can, if you are drunk and say you’re not hungry no one will believe you.

5. Not All Torontonians Are Bad

It doesn’t matter if you’re the nicest person on earth, if you say your from Toronto, Montrealers will secretly think you’re the Anti-Christ.

6. Not Everyone Likes Poutine

There are those people out there.

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7. Bad French

Montrealers legit can not handle shitty French. If you are trying (but struggling) they will not humour you. A’int nobody got time for that.

8. Brunch Is Not The Only Meal There Is

Technically brunch isn’t a real meal either….

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9. The Difference Between France and Quebec

Why French students don’t have to pay an international uni fees I will never understand. I don’t care if you have some shit in common. I speak the same language as they do in London, doesn’t mean they’re going to give me a discount on schooling.

10. The Mountain Has More Than One Purpose

That purpose being a pot smoking haven…

11. Bikes Don’t Give You A Free Pass

You can have a bike and still be annoying. The rules of the road still apply buddy, no matter the size of your carbon footprint.

12. Black Is Not A Fashion Statement

A lot of so called fashionable individuals in Montreal believe wearing  EXCLUSIVELY black makes you runway ready. It doesn’t. You just look like you’re mourning.

13. Cab Drivers Should ALWAYS Take Debit

All cabbies take debit. For some reason Montreal taxi drivers think they can pick and choose whether they want to take debit or not. They all do. It’s a requirement in this day and age.

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14. No One Cares About Your Car

Sorry not sorry.

15. People Actually Like Montreal

Finally people in Montreal have this weird complex where they think that everyone around the world hates them. Well I can safely say that fact is simply not true. You’re loved MTL!

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