It's that time of the year again when your newsfeed is being flooded with pictures of graduations and quotes from "Oh The Places You'll Go." If you're one of these lucky individuals that has successfully made it through their program at McGill, chances are, you're crazy excited to finally be done. McGill can be stressful, exhausting, and even a little soul-crushing at times. While you're understandably happy to be moving on to the next thing in your life, there's so much about McGill that we guarantee you're going to find yourself missing.

1. Spending Your Day At OAP

 This annual event is the epitome of McGill culture, and is most people's favourite part of the year. Getting to spend your day in the sun with friends, brews and food? Yes please.

2. The Constant Availability of Samosas

 McGill wouldn't be the same without all of its samosa sales, providing you with cheap and delicious lunch 5 days a week.

3. Beach Day

Words cannot describe the epicness that is 'beach day'. It's so great, in fact, that you probably didn't even mind that 7 am wake up call to make it to the buses for the best mobile pre-drink of your life.

Photo Cred - Benoit C

4. Having Class In Leacock 132

 Sure, at the time classes in here may seem like they're not the greatest thing in the world, but when else are you going to get to take classes like Terrestrial Planets or Natural Disasters?

5. Being Able To Get Drunk Off $20 At Gerts

 You'll be hard-pressed to find another place where you and your friends can spend your night taking $2 tequila shots and drinking awesomely cheap pitchers.

6. Having Downtown Montreal So Close By

So that you can go drinking and/or shopping between classes.

7. Getting To Do Fac-O, Carnival, Hype, etc.

And defending your title as boat race champion of the world.

8. The Library

 Not that you'll miss the work that you had to do there, but the memories of you and your friends having delirious, caffeine fuelled 2 am cram sessions the night before an exam.

Photo Cred - Neuroscience Undergraduate Society

9. Going To Ghetto House Parties


10. Getting Super Cheap Drinks At BDA And Blues Pub

There was nothing better than finishing a long day of class and immediately heading over to grab a dollar beer.

11. The School Chants

No longer will you be able to yell  "McGill once, McGill twice" in a room full of people and be met with an enthusiastic response of expletives.

12. Being Able To Frequently Eat At All Of The Classic Ghetto Food Spots

From Amelio’s to Lola Rosa to Altos, if you're leaving Montreal after you graduate, these will no longer be staples in your diet.

13. Your Friends

Chances are that not everyone in your group of friends will be in the same city after graduation, so not getting to see each other nearly every day is a very sad reality.

Photo Cred - Paige

14. Being Able To Organize Your Class Schedule Around Your Sleep Schedule

 Because it should never have to be the other way around.

15. The Campus

After all, you've finally figured out the fastest ways to get around after 4 years.

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