If you don't have a bit of French under your belt, the job search in Montreal and Quebec can be an insanely difficult task.

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Even though I write these lists I do suggest that if you are new to the city that you take a French course, or at least do Duolinguo on the Metro, to practice your French. Because any second language is "an asset" when it comes to the job hunt.

That said, while you're practicing, here is a list of jobs and some specific new job postings in Montreal that don't require any second language to get hired.

1. Prep or line cook in a restaurant

Most customer-facing jobs require some level of French, so a common job for people who are new to the city is to work in a kitchen, where little to no French is required. These types of jobs are always available, and some require little experience.

Line Cook at Eggspectations

Cook assistant at Llyodie's

2. Barista in a cafe

Although most customer-facing jobs require you to know some French, a few key companies are known to hire people with only introductory French knowledge, and one of them is Starbucks. Word on the block is they pay their Baristas very well, so check out their jobs page for an opening near you.

Find more details here

3.  Billing, accountant, or general office clerk

It's not true that you can't get an office job without French. You totally can, and they generally pay well too. It depends on the company and who they mainly do business with. Admin roles like data entry and accounting don't often involve much external communication, so with little to no French, you can get by just fine. Check out these postings below!

Accounts Payable Clerk at Fuze HR Solutions Inc

Accounting Assistant Groupecho Canada

Billing Clerk at ATS Container Services

Assistant Controller at Carpet Art Deco

4. Warehouse or stock clerk

This is probably the best no-fail job search when you're new to the city and have 0 experience with French. Working in the backroom of a store or business doesn't require you to communicate with customers, so you're in the clear. The bonus: it's a great place to actually LEARN some French too. These jobs are always open and tons of new posting pop up each day.

Warehouse associate at The Brick

Warehouse Clerk at FedEx Express

Stock Associate at Micheal Kors

5. English only writers or copywriters

Although these jobs don't pop up on the job boards as often and require some level of education and experience, they are a great way to get your foot in the door of a company. Often times translators are sought after so if you read French (but don't speak it very well) that's another job option for you.

Anglophone translator + Copywriter at Impak Finance

Freelance Travel Writer for VALNET inc

Script Writer at Mind Geek

6. Inside sales and/or customer support

Often times when a role requires you to deal with customers a company requires it's applicants to be bi-lingual. However, that doesn't stand true for all businesses. Many organizations based out of Montreal do business or support customers in the rest of Canada and U.S, so they don't require you to speak a second language. It's usually just "an asset".  Check out these postings below!

Inside sales rep at Mind Geek

Customer Rep at TTEC

Overnight travel support agent at Hopper

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