When it comes to being a tall girl in this crazy world of ours, it's not always so easy. Of course there are the obvious advantages like being able to get a good view of pretty much anything, and you can easily grab things that are out of reach for most people, but when it comes down to it, there are so many more struggles that we all have to deal with on the reg.

1. People constantly telling you you're tall, as if you didn't already know that

2. Finding shoes in your size at normal stores is a rarity, so you're no stranger to having to get them order in

3. You're taller than a good chunk of the guys you meet

4. Rompers aren't even an option

5. Whether or not you should wear heels is always a debate

6. And when you do wear them people always comment on it

7. Half of the time, your head gets cut off in full length mirrors

8. You were ALWAYS in the back row of school pictures.

9. You constantly have to shrink down to get in pictures with your average-height friends

10. Finding a pair of jeans that aren't essentially capris is a mission and a half

11. Legroom on airplanes. 'Nuff said.

12. You towered over the boys at school dances

13. And now you pray that the guys on Tinder put their height in their profile

14. You're always the friend that gets asked to reach things

15. Borrowing clothes from most of your friends just isn't a thing

16. Your shorter friends have used you for shade

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