Fun fact about me: at one point in my life, I attended Concordia University, studying history.

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It was an amazing time in my life, but I also learned a couple of things about the school I called home for so long. Things that now, almost a year post my Concordia life, I'd like to share with all of you.

1. We have absolutely no school spirit at all.

2. Concordians straight-up do not care about the world around them.

3. Honestly, we're just not the studying type.

4. And our parties? Yeah. Not fun, TBH.

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5. Honestly, our student groups aren't straight-up fantastic.

Nope, not like they're one of the best things about going to Concordia or anything like that...

6. And our open houses? Not that much involvement, TBH.

7. Our downtown campus isn't that breathtaking.

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8. And the view is nothing too great, either.

9. Concordia isn't big into giving back to the community.

hangin at the potato today ?

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10. Honestly, there's nowhere cool to study.

11. The residences are "meh" at best.

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12. And, frankly, no one tries to make Concordia feel like home.

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13. If you want a place that cares about student art, look the other way. Concordia just isn't into that.

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14. The Loyola Campus? Yeah, straight-up ugly.

15. Oh, and it's super boring, too. Nothing ever happens there.

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16. I mean, you could say that about the whole school, really.

17. On the whole, Concordia isn't straight-up the best school ever.

Just kidding, guys. Hope you caught on that this article is clearly sarcastic AF; come on, Concordia's obviously the best.

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