First opened in 1957 at Montreal's Parc La Fontaine "Le Jardin Des Merveilles"  but was not accessible until 1964 during the holiday season to the public.

Viewing these nostalgic and iconic images we can't help but appreciate how nice it was back then, a simpler time when less was more.

We searched to see if this tradition in the parc still is going on today but no luck. Enjoy the pictures below and have some very happy holidays!

"Mom, how long do I have to sit here for?"

Montreal's flag hanging proudly.

"Kids, don't lick the ice its dirty!"

Now that is some breathtaking architecture!

"What are you staring at human?"

1960's winter fashion at its best! lol

"As soon as my mom turns around in stealing the candy off this house."

Nothing to see here, just basking on this book house.

Perfect example of less is more, this xmas tree is glorious!

Willy Wonka meets winter...

What a nice ice glow yo.

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