Today, countless thousands of students around the world walked out of class to demand that their elected leaders adopt more radical and comprehensive environmental policies to combat climate change.

In Montreal, alone, a flood of students took over the downtown area. It is truly inspiring to see such a show of support for climate justice.

Armed with wit, fury, and irony, Montrealers sent a strong message today to provincial leaders. Below are compiled just 20 of the best signs captured in social media photos.

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Many took aim at inept politicians.

"Your ex is trash not the planet."

Good point.

"If only Legault liked the planet as much as his sister." This poster is refering to the awkward moment when François Legault kissed his sister on the mouth after the CAQ won a landslide victory in the last provincial election.

"Sleep with whomever you want just don't fuck the planet."

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"Save a tree. Eat a lobbyist."

This could perhaps be best translated as "Wake up for fuck's sake!"

"Green with rage."

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Many of the signs and chants today had a feminist charge.

Many other signs took aim at capitalism, the economic system that can be largely blamed for the current climate crisis.

"Which green is more important to you?"

At least flat-Earthers and people with common sense can agree on one thing: "Flat or round, the planet is in danger."

And, finally, this is not a protest sign, but an apt meme:

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Congratulations to all the students who had the courage to take a stand today!

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