Photo cred - Alistair Howard

Whether you like it or not, fall is nearly here, and while you may be experience some post-summertime sadness, don't be blue, because autumn is an amazing season filled with colours and beauty.

Hot weather is replaced by refreshingly crisp winds, and the city's citizens toss of shorts and tank tops for coats, scarves, and layers. Fall is a much more fashionable season, with many more clothing options, and Montreal mirrors the wardrobe change of its people, gaining a fresh new look of vibrant red, gold, and copper that can be seen throughout the city.

Get pumped for the autumn, and the living painting the city will become, through the 20 photos below, which will definitely get you excited for fall 2014.

Photo cred - Rametta

Photo cred - Gbalogh

Photo cred - Secret World

Photo cred - Marianna Armata

Photo cred - Jose Carlos De Sousa C

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