For all those makeup fanatics out there, I have some great news that involves you checking out Sephora ASAP! They are having great sales and the list below composes of 20 products that you can get for under $20! All these products are hot AF and ready to be purchased ONLINE AND IN STORE!

You heard me! So, for those Montrealer's who just love a good deal and a great makeup product, check out Sephora RIGHT NOW! Grab your money! Grab your friends! This is not a drill! Sephora is hot and they are prepared to make you feel even hotter with these fabulous makeup products!

1. Buy Your Favorite MicroSmooth Baked Eyeshadow Trio For Under $20

COLOR 04 After Glow - neutral purple

Price: C$24.00C$15.00

This "After Glow" Sephora product come in 13 different shades and is absolutely perfect for a night out! You will shine and shimmer your night away!


2. Buy Your Favorite Colorful Face Powders  For Under $20

COLOR 21 Jubilant - illuminator

Price:C$19.00  - C$9.00

This Sephora product will help you "Blush, Bronze, Highlight, & Contour" all your problems away! It's perfect for all those finishing touches.


3. Buy Your Favorite Contour Waterproof Eye Pencil For Under $20

COLOR 05 Diamonds Are Forever - Silver

Price: C$12.00  - C$7.00

This Sephora product will give you 12 hours of waterproof fun! It's time to contour those eyes!


4. Buy Your Favorite Cream Lipstick For Under $20

COLOR R63 Delicious Temptation

Price:C$15.50 - C$7.00

Get your favorite lipstick color at Sephora RN! It's cheap AF and super hot! You have the option of three colors that are on sale (bright coral red, rich magenta, and  Cougar). While the other 39 colors are $15.50!


5. Buy Your Favorite Colorful 5 Eyeshadow Palette For Under $20

COLOR N°12 Simple to Smoldering

Price: C$30.00C$15.00

With three different eyeshadow palettes to choose from you would think that it would be an easy pick! But, like always all three of these 5 eyeshadow palettes are hot and on sale!


6. Buy Your Favorite Colorful Palette For Under $20

CCOLOR Smoky Black 01

Price: C$30.00 - C$14.00

For $14 you can get this hot AF color palette! There are 5 different palettes to choose from so pick wisely!


7. Buy Your Favorite Lip Artist Palette For Under $20

Lip Artist Palette

Price: C$20.00 C$16.00

Oh yes, this is what everyone has been waiting for! This lip artist palette includes 8 hot and different colors for every day of the week plus one!


8. Buy Your Favorite Brow Enhancer For Under $20

COLOR 02 Beige Shimmer

Price: C$15.00 - C$9.00

Lucky for you, whether on sale of not these brow highlights are under $20! The one on sale is COLOR 06 Pearly Opal while COLOR 02 Beige Shimmer, COLOR 01 Matte Light Pink, COLOR 04 Matte Beige, and COLOR 05 Matte Spice are regular price.


9. Buy Your Favorite Double Contouring Cream Blush For Under $20

COLOR No 06 Flashy Fuschia - bold pink red

Price: C$20.00C$11.00

Spice up your look a little with out of these hot AF blushes from Sephora! Not only are the cheap but damn you will be looking hella fine! You can choose between COLOR No 03 Poppy Pink - muted desert brickCOLOR No 06 Flashy Fuschia - bold pink red, and  COLOR No 03 Poppy Pink - bright azalea pink


10. Buy Your Favorite Skin Perfect CC Cream For Under $20

COLOR Medium Tan

Price: C$32.00 C$15.00

Everyone can get some good use out of Sephora's CC cream! They have seven different options for each skin tone!


11. Buy Your Favorite Fix & Correct Concealer For Under $20

COLOR 50 Deep Mocha

Price: C$21.00C$15.00

When you are on the go or woke up late, this mini fix and corrector concealer is your best options to make those blemishes disappear FAST! Not only it is cheap but, it also lasts for ten hours!


12. Buy Your Favorite Sun Disk Bronzer For Under $20

Sun Disk Bronzer

Price: C$30.00C$19.00

To keep that nice summer bronze that is starting to disappear you should use Sephora's Sun Disk Bronzer! It's high quality, great for bronzing, and for contouring!


13. Buy Your Favorite Colorful Blush For Under $20

COLOR Coral Crush 04 - light terra cotta with gold shimmer

Price: C$19.00C$11.00

If you want to add some color to your makeup routine, then check out this amazing colorful blush! You can choose between COLOR Coral Crush 04 - light terra cotta with gold shimmer and COLOR Fuchsia Flash 19 - vibrant matte fuchsia.


14. Buy Your Favorite Craig & Karl Eyeshadow For Under $20

Craig & Karl Colorful 5

Price: C$31.00 C$15.00

Get your eyeshadow game one with this amazing Craig & Karl palette! It's hot and ready for you to purchase!


 15. Buy Your Favorite Teint Infusion Ethereal Natural Finish Foundation For Under $20

COLOR Medium Tan

Price: C$31.00 C$14.00

Foundation is everyone's best friend so why not save a shit load of money and check out this high-quality Sephora brand! They have over 15 options to choose from for every skin tone!


16. Buy Your Favorite Shine Lipstick For Under $20

COLOR 49 run on love

Price: C$15.50 - C$7.00

This truly is a lipstick paradise! You have 11 sale options lipsticks at $7.00 and 40 regular price options which include HIGH SHINE FINISH and SHIMMER FINISH.


17. Buy Your Favorite Modern Watercolors Lip Gloss Set For Under $20

Modern Watercolors Lip Gloss Set

Price: C$35.00C$19.00

A set of six playful pastel lip gloss shades with a moisturizing and high sheen formula, including the two Color of the Year shades: Rose Quartz and Serenity. for only $19!


18. Buy Your Favorite 8 HR Wear Perfect Cover Concealer For Under $20

COLOR 25 Medium Beige (Y)

Price: C$18.00 - C$15.00

For a bomb new concealer I suggest checking out Sephora's 8 HR Wear Perfect Cover Concealer! They have 8 different shades to choose from depending on your skin tone and you will be ooking fierce AF!


19. Buy Your Favorite Brow Contour Brush For Under $20

PRO Brow Contour #36

Price: C$23.00C$14.00

This  fan brush to creates fullness and adds dimension to your brows so that they look A1!


20. Buy Your Favorite Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner For Under $20

COLOR 09 Glitter Black - matte black with silver glitter

Price: C$16.00 C$11.00

For some hot AF eyeliner, I suggest checking out Sephora and getting some of their bomb eyeliners! They have over 18 different colors and some are on sale RN!


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