At some point in everyone's life, they've most likely had to deal with living in a small apartment, and as many of us know, apartments in can get pretty small. While you can't do anything about how much actual space you have (bar moving to somewhere larger and more expensive) you can, through the use of spatial illusion, make it look like there's more room. And luckily for you, many of these tricks are quick fixes that you can use right now to give your apartment a spatial facelift.

1. Hang mirrors

If you have an empty spot on your wall that you're not quite sure what to do with, hang a mirror. It reflects light and opens up the room, making it appear much bigger.

2. Buy see-through furniture

Glass or lucite furniture has the appearance of not really taking up any space, so it tricks the eye into thinking that there's more space than there actually is.

3. Paint your walls light colours

By painting your walls a light and neutral colour it will make the room look lighter and brighter, which in turn will make it look more spacious.

4. Use multi-purpose furniture

Investing in a multi-use item, like a storage ottoman, will give you some extra storage room - which we all know you can never get enough of when your apartment is tight on space.

5. Take it to the ceiling

By having furniture that extends to the ceiling, or even just hanging a piece of art or picture frame up high, you'll draw focus upwards - creating the illusion of more space.

6. Get clear shower curtains

Similar to the lucite furniture, having a clear shower curtain allows you to see more of the room, making it seem like there's more space.

7. Buy furniture with legs

Raised furniture, as opposed to furniture that sits directly on the ground, has more of an airy feel and creates the appearance of more space.

8. Avoid small decoration clutter

You would think that, when working with a small space, you should keep your decorations as small as possible. But as it turns out, having a few larger decorations is a much better use of the space, and makes it seem like you have more room.

9. Leave windows uncovered

By keeping your windows uncovered, you illuminate the living space and make the room feel way more open. But if you really want curtains, try to opt for ones that are sheer, or have a colour similar to your walls.

10. Declutter your space

This one is pretty simple - just pick up your crap. If your apartment is organized and decluttered, it's going to look much more unified and clear, and therefore more spacious.

11. Have a unified colour scheme

Having a consistent colour scheme in a room will open up it visually, making it look bigger.

12. Leave blank space

When working with a small space, you begin instinctively cramming in as much in as possible. However, leaving some intentional blank space on shelves and walls will make it appear as if you have more room.

13. Have furniture away from the walls

Trying to maximize your space by pushing all your furniture against the walls might give you the most amount of usable floor space, but by pulling a piece of furniture or two away from the wall and placing it on an angle, it'll provide the illusion that you have more space.

14. Colour coordinate your shelves

By putting similarly coloured books and items together on your shelves, it creases a sense of a unified design, which maximizes your space.

15. Get a striped rug

The stripes elongate the room visually, making the floor space seem much larger than it is.

16. Use lamps instead of overhead lights

Overhead lighting in an apartment can be pretty harsh, but by using a few smaller lamps throughout the room, it warms up the space and gives it a much nicer feel.

17. Have one dramatic piece of art

In a small space, most people tend to shy away from having a large wall hanging, but having one large or dramatic piece of art gives the room a focal point and helps to bring it together.

18. Hang a window treatment higher than where your windows actually start

This is a super easy way to trick your eye into thinking the windows in your apartment are bigger than they actually are.

19. Get rid of your doors

 If you can handle keeping your shelves neat and organized, getting rid of the doors on your cabinets and even your clothes closet, can open up the room and give the illusion of more space.

20. Don't make all your furniture small

Tiny apartment-sized furniture is great for small spaces, but not all of your furniture should be mini. Having one or two statement pieces (a bigger armchair, for example) will actually make it seem like there is more space.

21. Have a collapsable dining table

 If you're not someone who needs a dining table every night, having one that you can fold up and put away is a really great way to keep as much free space as possible.
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