When the time comes to choose a high school, so many options are given to you. Except for me. My mom decided that an all-girl school would be the best for me.

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At first, I was so mad. I didn't want to spend 5 years of my life surrounded by girls. Like, how would I get myself a boyfriend? As much as I hate to admit it, my mom was right. Again. I had so much fun.

So here are some things that only happen when you're attending an all-girl school:

1. We ALWAYS go to the bathroom as a pack

Mostly to take group pictures in the mirror.

2. There is always at least one girl in her period

And there is always someone ready to save her with a pad or a tampon.

3. Or the entire class

Apparently, when girls hang out together a lot, our periods start at the same time. It's true. One day, in class, I said out loud that I was in my week and like the ten other girls in my row said the same thing. Poor teacher who has to deal with our bullshit.

4. A secret isn't one after 5 minutes

The whole school knows about it. Even the teachers. 

5. More than half the girls never kissed a guy

With no boys on our radars, it is pretty hard to even talk to one.

6. You can come to class looking like pure shit

As the week goes on, it looks like the girls are doing a contest to see who can be the ugliest: greasiest hair and dirtiest uniforms.

7. Every girl has a Longchamp bag

At least they offer different colors... 

8. "OMG, she had sex?!"

Biggest. News. Ever.

9. Valentine's day is being in a relationship with 3 of your friends

The only time of the year when polygamy is legal.

10. We shout like all the time

My ears got used to really high pitched noises.

11. Our pencil cases are as big as our backpacks

I really needed those heart shaped post-it and the 10 liquid pen-style highlighters.

12. Fangirling over the same boy band

One Direction FTW

13. An old lady watching your every move

She was probably there when your great-great-great-grandmother was a student too.

14. The last time you shave was like, never.

High socks and tights allow you to be the gorilla you always wanted to be.

15. Gym class is just sitting on a bench gossiping


16. We hug each other all the time

As a matter of fact, girls are a species that live in symbiosis.

17. A lot of girls cry because they got A-.


18. On Friday, we wear makeup 

For the lucky girls who know how to socialize with boys.

19. Freezing in Winter because you don't want to wear pants then change when you're at school

I went to school in tights even when it was -273,15°C.

20. School dances are just girls grinding together

I'm not even ashamed.

21. We've mastered the art of rolling our skirts

Walking with a big doughnut around our hips is totally normal.

22. There's always a girl in the back singing 


23. When there are only 9 girls in class, because the rest skipped class to go see that awesome show

"I'll be sick next week."

24. Putting Justin Bieber on speaker and turn up like there is no tomorrow

Even if you don't like JB, you have to sing at the top of your lungs.

25. Pull up tights positions like you've never seen before

I probably know more positions to pull up my tights than sex positions.

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