Alright, guys, let's get real. Quebec is just the worst. It's got no charming towns, no beaches, nowhere to go swimming - there's just legit nothing to do.

And if you're thinking of visiting? Well, let me tell you, that's probably not the best idea you've ever had. But don't worry if you're not sure why; that's what I'm here for.

1. We eat nothing but poutine.

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2. Even if the lack of variety doesn't phase you, our local dish is terrible.

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3. Nothing ever grows here. It's too cold.

4. Even in the summer.

5. We're just one tiny, mountainous region.

6. Our metropolitain cities? Not that great.

7. Hope you don't like historically and culturally rich places, because that's just not Quebec.

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8. The whole province looks disgusting in the winter.

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9. And quite frankly, there's nothing to do.

10. The St. Lawrence River is just so ugly.

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11. There are absolutely no islands.

12. Or beaches.

13. And the architecture is just so bland.

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14. There are a total of 0 gorgeous spots to discover.

15. The landscape can be summed up in one word: trees. And only trees.

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16. We're just not a very diverse bunch, to be honest with you.

17. Quebec is legit the worst place for summer sports.

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18. And if you're down to play winter sports, you're out of luck too.

19. Our provincial parks are super boring.

20. Love hiking? Too bad. Our mountains are boring AF, too.

21. There are literally no breathtaking views.

22. And, frankly, nothing exciting ever happens here.

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23. Like stargazing? Good luck. You can't see the stars from anywhere here.

24. And if camping is your thing, too bad. We're not a very outdoorsy folk.

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25. We're not very adventurous, either. There's basically nothing thrilling to do here.

26. Love wildlife? Great, except you won't find anything cool in Quebec.

27. Honestly, our province? Yeah, not the most beautiful place you can go to, TBH.

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