Some relationships are so strong it feels like you've been married to your best friend for like forever. It comes a time when you know more about your friend than you know about yourself: your best friend becomes everything to you. Let just say that having a best friend is way better than having a boyfriend.

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You can always count on her and she gets you like no one else does, so to remind her how important she is and much you care about her, take this moment to make these promises:

1. I promise to keep all your secrets with me even after death tears us apart.

2. I promise to be the first to like all your new photos on Facebook or Instagram.

3. I promise to never let you do something stupid on your own that I know you'll regret and instead, I promise you we will do it together and regret it later.

4. I promise to always hold your hair while you puke and clean you up.

5. I promise to tell you that he's wrong for you, but support your dumb decision.

6. I promise to always be there at 3 am when you're sad and need someone to talk to.

7. I promise to pretend to be your lesbian lover when you get hit on by the weirdest guy at the bar.

8. I promise to never let you drunk text your ex even if you threaten me to kill me in my sleep.

9. I promise to make your family question your sexuality.

10. I promise to never get tired of making fun of you.

11. I promise to be your bitch to bitch about those other bitches.

12. I promise to never judge you for all your drunken one-night stands.

13. I promise to always babysit your future children, no matter how fucking annoying they'll be.

14. I promise to be entirely honest and always tell you when you look like pure shit.

15. I promise to stalk your new boy to give you all the information you need about him.

16. I promise to give you relationship advice even though I'm as lost as you are.

17. I promise to end up in the same nursing home as you and make everyone else jealous of our awesome friendship.

18. I promise to kick his ass or to anyone who's messing with your heart.

19. I promise to get you out of your comfort zone so that you could explore and reach out for better options in life.

20. I promise to always post a photo when we booth look gorgeous (except for your birthday).

21. I promise to let you read every risky text before I send it to my BAE.

22. I promise to always be your professional text message analyzer

23. I promise to be broke AF with you because we spent all that money shopping, eating, partying, drinking and doing all the crazy stuff we always do together.

24. I promise to encourage you to take the last shot even if I think you've had too many drinks already.

25. I promise to love you in good times and in bad times.

26. I promise to laugh at every one of your jokes, even if they suck and when no one else gets it.

27. I promise to help you get out of every mistake you made.

28. I promise to stay your best friend no matter what and love you unconditionally.

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