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When we see a person who has tattoos we're looking at living art. The different lines, different type of shadows, choice and mix of colours, the different styles -- it's all art.

Tattooed people are the canvas to all the amazing tattoo artists we have in Montreal. They have devoted part of their lives to get their tattoos -- countless hours. They have invested their time and money to have a beautiful piece of art on their bodies.

We've decided to write about you -- the people who makes Montreal an even more beautiful place. Congratulations on your choice of tattoo artist and drawing. Don't forget there's a contest with Megan Massacre coming soon.

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The bright red and the shades are outstanding. The artist has exceptional good lines, which gives the tattoo a better visibility. The hair looks almost as if it was real. The mix of white, blue and black gives a notion of movement. The pale background makes the colours even brighter, which is a genius move.

Another good example of a Japanese combo. The client was tattooed by two tattoo artists at the same time. Both Hannya Masks are absolutely beautiful and well done. The different colours make it even more impressive. It's impossible not to admire these tattoos. We can see the difference between them -- the eyes, the different anger expressions and the horns. It's amazing and impressive.

Photo cred - lotuskahn 
The Geisha and the Foo Dog makes a perfect Japanese style combination. The placement couldn't be better -- it's balanced and the Foo Dog seems to be looking at the Geisha. A true piece of art. The skull also catches the attention with the colours and shades -- it gives an idea of depth, the colour is a luminous, translucent green. Almost like the eyes were lit from within. The artist studied Japanese art history and knows exactly how to make traditional Japanese drawings.

This is an incredibly beautiful leg piece. It contains several Japanese elements such as the Geisha, the Yokai (on the foot) and the Nue. The yellow is remarkable -- so are the other colours. There are some cool leg pieces but we don't see them very often. People usually have sleeves or back pieces. This is why this tattoo is so impressive. The artist chose the colours and the placement very carefully -- every part of the tattoo has very good visibility.

The sugar skull tattoo is very popular. What makes this one so impressive is the beautiful choice of colours -- specially the pink. The artist didn't use black on the roses' outlines, which makes it look more feminine and delicate. The blue and yellow are also a perfect mix. This is the kind of tattoo everyone likes -- even people who don't like tattoos.

The perfect traditional tattoo design. We can see how precise the lines are and how the artist used the colours to give a notion of depth. The black and red makes it easy to believe the Swordfish is actually cutting through her skin. The mix of blue, yellow, purple and green is a beautiful combination. This is probably one of the best traditional tattoos in Montreal.

This fresh Hannya Mask is a piece of Japanese art. The artist used blue for colouring the mask instead of using red -- which worked perfectly for this tattoo. The cherry blossoms and the darker background makes the blue even brighter. The Hannya Mask is one of the most popular Japanese drawings among tattoo lovers and this one is impressive, for sure.

Hand tattoos can be tricky because there's not a lot of space. Therefore, they are either very good or not good at all. This one is the perfect example of a good one. The artist managed to tattoo a tiger and use various colours to make it look this beautiful. We can see a mix of yellow, red, green and light brown -- an excellent combination of hot colours.

This is an amazing chest piece. The artist did a great cover-up -- this tremendously beautiful and aggressive piranha won't let anyone notice what was there before. The mix of colours is also amazing. Green, orange and yellow is a smart choice when tattooing a sea creature. We can see the client likes underwater tattoos by the tentacles next to the piranha. This makes the choice of colours even better.

This beautiful and delicate shoulder piece draws attention because of its simplicity and shades. The artist comes from an international and popular family of tattoo artists. (He was in Montreal for the Tattoo Convention.) This is the perfect example of a sexy, cool tattoo.

This is an amazing realist tattoo, done by one of Montreal's most talented tattoo artists. The Predator is perfectly portrayed -- the colours are impressive and the shades technique is impeccable. This is the kind of tattoo that encourages other people to get one. You may even wanna watch one of the Predator's movies after seeing this tattoo.

When we see someone as tattooed as him, we are looking at a living art painting. This full upper body piece is beyond impressive. The artist used the space he had very wisely. The skull and the dragon deserve an extra attention. We can see how the colours make the dragon scales more visible and how it gives us a notion of movement -- we know in which direction the dragon is going because of the wise use of colours.

Brand tattoos are getting even more popular these days. People who have their own business usually have a tattoo of their logo. This is a perfect example of how it's beautifully done. The artist was capable of giving the client something beyond special -- his business logo and a very beautiful tattoo. The shades, the flashy red and the placement make it look even better.

Neck tattoos are very popular. People know it's hot and usually choose to tattoo their necks -- even when they don't have so many tattoos. It has visibility and a lot of charm. This is a perfect example of how a neck tattoo can make all the difference. The artist placed the bird in a very smart way -- when he moves his head it doesn't affect the drawing. It feels like the bird is moving his wings.

Another perfect example of a living art painting. This full back piece looks amazing. The artist did a perfect job tattooing this traditional Japanese drawing. The Samurai killing the Nue looks absolutely stunning. The colours and shades make all the difference -- as usual.

The Koi Fish is also very popular among tattoo lovers. Its meaning and beauty impress people all around the world. The artist did an incredibly good job on this one. The purple, orange and red make a beautiful combination. The blue on the chest and shoulder (the Koi Fish's eye) is also very appealing.

These colours are so incredible it doesn't even need any further comments. The artist did an amazing job. The Koi Fish turning into a Dragon is also a very popular and beautiful Japanese tattoo. What makes this one so impressive is obviously the colours and the fact that it's a free hand drawing -- which takes an unbelievable talent.

A huge and detailed back piece. The artist used mostly blue and red with a mix of purple, orange and green. We can see how he also used white to wisely create a movement and some kind of depth. Another good example of a living art painting.

This is a delicate, beautiful tattoo. The artist used very light colours and thin lines to make this drawing. What makes it so impressive is how bright and natural this tattoo looks. If we analyze it, we will see it really looks like a painting.

One of the most beautiful tattoos we will see around Montreal. The artist did an amazing job on this one. We can see the depth in the girl's eyes, as if she was looking directly at us. The cat's eyes are also very expressive. The lines and shades are completely amazing -- this tattoo is beyond impressive.

A beautiful colourful back piece. The artist is beyond talented and used the perfect color palette. This is the kind of tattoo people enjoy admiring. If this is not art then I don't know what else it could be. The perfect shades, the matching colours, the different colour tones -- it's all perfect.

Who wouldn't love a zombie Batman? This realistic tattoo was made by one of our most popular tattoo artists in Montreal. Besides awesome, this tattoo is also a perfect example of how a realistic tattoo is done. We can clearly see how the artist used the colours to create a notion of depth -- it's almost as if we were looking at a picture.

Another perfect example of an awesome realistic tattoo. The artist perfectly recreated an Elephant -- we can see how rich in details this tattoo is. The elephant's trunk looks as real as it looks in real life. It makes us want to get one too.

The Fortune Cat (also known as Maneki Neko) is one of the most popular Japanese figures in the world. Who wouldn't want to have it as a tattoo? The artist did it beautifully. The Hyottoko and details on the rope is also something that definitely catches our attention.

This is a very good example of how beautiful and feminine a tattoo can be. The artist was capable of giving his client a delicate tattoo using thin lines and less black outlines. We can see how he only used purple to make the background. It also looks like a painting. A perfect drawing for someone who's looking for something big yet discrete.

There's no difference between a white canvas and this person's skin. The artist did an excellent job with the colours and the colouring technique. We can see the fox is very similar to a painting by the way the artist coloured it -- almost like an aquarelle painting. This is what makes this tattoo so impressive and beautiful.

The Buddha is also very popular among people from all around the world. The artist recreated a very realistic and beautiful one on this tattoo. The shading is stunning and also are the colours. The cherry blossoms add a special touch to the drawing. Absolutely beautiful.

Talk about realistic tattoos! This one is so real that you may think there's someone actually looking at you. The artist did an excellent job. It's crazy how real the eyelashes are. Deep and meaningful, for sure.

Why so serious? This tattoo is absolutely impressive. The artist did an amazing job. We can clearly recognize the Joker from afar. This is when we know we're looking at a very good and well done realistic tattoo -- when it's easy to recognize who the person or character is.

A dark and beautiful chest piece. The artist was talented enough to give his client a vision of life and death. This tattoo is impressive because of its shading. We can see the artist used only black to create this beautiful piece.

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