Naming a city is important.

Streets, parks, and buildings can be renamed eventually, but when  you choose a name for a city, it's bound to be there awhile.

A name should be strong, it should be timeless and it should memorable.

The following Canadian cities decided to take another route and the results are pretty fucked up.

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We have some adorable towns that sound like they were named after baby bunnies, and we have some that might just make you gag a little.

Here are the 30 Canadian towns with the most fucked up names.

Bacon Cove, Newfoundland

I'm already moving there so I can open

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Pocahontas, Alberta

We need more towns named after Disney Characters.

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Happy Adventure, Newfoundland

I sure hope their tourism office has plenty to offer.

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Climax, Saskatchewan

Apparently there's a sign when you leave town that says: "Come Again".

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Tiny, Ontario

The town was actually named after the pet dog of the wife of the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada at the time. 

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Balls Creek

So much better than Shit's Creek.

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Balls Falls

You can't have balls creek without balls falls.

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Happyland, Ontario

Sadly it isn't an amusement park.

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Blow Me Down, Newfoundland

The village was named by a ship captain, which is fitting since it sounds like an old sea shanty.

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Swastika, Ontario

I'll just skip this one entirely.

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Fertile, Saskatchewan

The land of double bagging.

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Pain Court, Ontario

This place sounds kinda dangerous.

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Big Beaver, Saskatchewan


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Mayo, Quebec


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Nottawa, Ontario

In case you weren't sure, it's NOT Ottawa.

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Sober Island, Nova Scotia

I bet they party harder than anyone else.

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Crotch Lake, Ontario

Found by Mike Rotch. Speaking of which has anyone seen Mike Rotch lately?

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Stoner, British Columbia

Of course, it's located in B.C.

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Dildo, Newfoundland

I hope they never change their name.

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Radville, Saskatchewan

They split away from Dullsville long ago.

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Wawa, Ontario

Named after a baby who saw a dog passing by.

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Salmon Arm, British Columbia

There must be some kind of nuclear power plant there if the fish have arms.

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Eyebrow, Saskatchewan

This town is on fleek.

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Love, Saskatchewan

Every hotel room is a honeymoon suite.

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Heart’s Desire, Newfoundland

So just to recap Newfoundland has Dildo, Blow Me Down, and Happy Adventure. Sounds like a party!

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Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario

Yankee Doodle's canadian cousin. Legend has it, it was named by the mayor who happened to be a cartoon squirrel.

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Keg River, Alberta

Don't swallow the water.

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Dead Man's Flats, Alberta

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

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Crapaud, Prince Edward Island

It used to be called Oh Crap, but that seemed too obvious.

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Lady Slipper, Prince Edward Island

Formerly known as Man Shoe. Named after Fu Machu. Okay, not really.

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