Most people around the world will agree that Canadians sound funny.

Of course, we don't notice it much. But since the rest of the planet seems to find so us so freaking adorable when we speak, I guess we must acknowledge it.

But it's not just the accent that makes us unique.

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It's actually the words we use.

We use words that aren't used anywhere else, words that don't sound real, words that we we pretty much invented.

So, how well do you speak Canadian?

Chesterfield: Sofa or couch

Chinook: A warm wind in the Rocky Mountains

Deke: To fake of feint

Donair: Beef pita or wrap

Double-Double: Coffee with two creams and two sugars

Dart: Cigarette

Eaves Troughs: Gutters

Eh: Short for "Don't you agree?"

Fuck The Dog: Being lazy or doing a job very slowly

Fifty: Nickname for Labatt 50

Garburator: Garbage disposal

Giv'n'r: Doing something well or enthusiastically

Had The Biscuit: Dead or broken

Homo Milk: Whole milk

Housecoat: Bathrobe

Hydro: Electricity

Joe Job: Low paying job

Keener: Bown-noser

Kerfufle: A commotion

Klick: Slang for kilometer

Knapsack: Backpack

Kraft Dinner: Mac & cheese or KD

Loonie: One Canadian dollar

Lumber Jack: Thick, plaid, flannel jacket

Mickey: Pint of hard liquor

McDicks: McDonald's

Out For A Rip: Going out and "takener' easy" with your buds.

Pencil Crayon: Colored pencils

Pogey: Welfare

Pop: Soft drink or soda

Rink Rat: One who hangs out at a hockey rink

Runners: Running shoes or sneakers

Shinny: Unstructured game of hockey

Timbits: Donut holes

Timmies: Tim Hortons

Toonie: Canadian 2 dollar coin

Tuque: Winter hat or beanie

Twenty Sixer: 750 ml beer bottle.

Two Four: Case of 24 beers

Washroom: Bathroom

Zed: The letter "Z"

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