Okay, who here has always wondered what's going through your partner's mind when doing the deed? Don't lie, friend. Everyone's probably had that random "I wonder what they're thinking" moment.

And if your partner has ever been a woman, and you've ever wondered what her thoughts were, then our colleagues over at Narcity Montreal might just have answered that question for you.

1. Wow, okay, that hip bone is really digging into me. I'm changing position. NOW.

2. Should I just fake it? I think I'm pretty convincing.

3. Fuck, a drop of sweat literally just fell on me!

4. My roommate for sure knows what all this moaning is about.

5. Intimate wipes. Genius invention.

6. Let's switch position... and I still look like I have a double chin.

7. Could you not have shaved for this?

9. Literally do not push my head like that, that's actually the most insulting thing.

10. They're such a pig, I literally won the jackpot.

11. I'm actually going to leave an indent on this headboard. Whatever. No regrets.

12. Yeah, maybe I should hit the gym a little more often.

13. I never even noticed how tiny this car is.

14. What... what am I touching right now?

15. I'm not even mad that I swiped right on this one.

16. Okay, babe, I'm tying up my hair... watch out!

17. I really hope I didn't lose too many fake eyelashes.

18. Yasss, that pineapple trick actually works!

19. I've got a cramp in my leg, but I can't stop now... FML.

20. Why are you looking me in the eye while going down on me? Not cool. Or... maybe cool?

21. They're biting their lower lip. OMG.

22. That's going to leave a mark... and I'm not even mad.

23. I really have to update my list of conquests.

24. I'm not that flexible, please stop pushing on my knees.

25. What even is that face you're making right now? What even is the face I'm making right now?

26. That's not a good smell. Wait, is that my smell or is that their smell?

27. Please tell me your hands are washed...

28. So, how is this going to end, exactly?

29. Oh, no, it's cool, I didn't want to reach the big O tonight anyway.

30. Oh man, this bed seriously cannot handle what's about to go down on it tonight.

The rest of Narcity Montreal's 45 thoughts can be found right here.

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