Guys, autumn is my life. My favourite seasons are spring and fall, and sometimes I can't decide between which one I like the best... but then I remember that autumn = Halloween specials, and I know, in my heart, that fall will forever be my fave.

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And if you guys are going through the end of summer blues, and need some reminding on why fall is going to be so high key awesome in Montreal, well, don't worry. I, a certified fall fanatic, have come up with quite possibly the absolute best things you have to look forward to about autumn in the city.

1. Look forward to apple picking, and bring along your S/O for an extra special time.

2. Look forward to the Botanical Gardens hosting their annual "lantern fest" in September/October.

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3. Look forward to Beaver Lake looking like this:

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4. And the Old Port looking like this:

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5. And Montreal's skyline looking like this:

6. Look forward to trading in iced coffees for PSLs.

7. Look forward to seeing all of Montreal's public markets looking colourful and cozy.

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8. Look forward to the whole city being beautiful, even when it's gloomy.

9. Look forward to going for walks in Montreal's Parc Lafontaine on a legit carpet of golden leaves.

10. Look forward to taking your S/O pumpkin picking.

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11. And then look forward to decorating your house with pumpkins together.

12. Look forward to taking romantic strolls through Mont-Royal.

13. Look forward to jumping in literally all the leaves.

14. Look forward to studying together under the gorgeous leaves and foliage.

15. Look forward to baking (and eating) all the apple pies with your S/O.

16. Look forward to those creepy/cool Halloween vibes in the city.

17. Look forward to Montreal's Zombie Walk, taking place annually in the fall.

18. Look forward to finally trading in the summer sandals for adorable fall boots.

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19. Look forward to comfy, cozy fall sweaters.

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20. Look forward to visiting a spa for maximum good autumn vibes with bae.


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21. Look forward to taking a crisp early morning bike ride through Montreal's Old Port together.

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22. Look forward to going to POP Montreal together and attending some legit outdoor concerts.

23. Look forward to attending the last First Friday of 2016 together on October 7.

24. Look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with lots of fall-time food.

25. Look forward to seeing the beauty in all of Montreal's landmarks.

26. Look forward to going to La Ronde one last time before it closes for the winter.

27. Look forward to making, like, 100 of these nostalgic morsels of happiness together.

28. Look forward to taking shoe selfies in the gorgeous leaves.

29. Look forward to finally being able to leave the house without legit evaporating.

30. Look forward to drinking your first hot chocolate.

31. Look forward to going shopping for your Halloween costume.

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32. Look forward to carving your first pumpkin of the season.

33. Look forward to buying Halloween candy at a huge discount the day later.

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34. Look forward to candles that smell like legit heaven.

35. Look forward to stowing away the Frappuccinos and finally drinking hot drinks again.

36. Look forward to longer nights, for the night owls among us.

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37. Look forward to an extra hour of sleep.

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38. Look forward to cinnamon everything.

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39. Look forward to finally being able to sip on some mulled wine.

40. Look forward to raking leaves and having a leaf fight with your S/O.

41. Look forward to spending the day in Park Lafontaine together for a falltime picnic, and seeing this all the time.

42. Look forward to buying pumpkins in the city, and picking the prettiest one.

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43. Look forward to jogging up to the lookout on Mont Royal together and seeing this:

44. Look forward to going camping in the crisp fall air together.

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45. Look forward to starting a new school semester together (#NewYearNewMe).

46. Look forward to knowing that winter's on its way, but getting to enjoy the beauty that is fall in Montreal while you still can.

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