Photo cred - TremblantLiving

This amazing Mont-Tremblant Chalet is every skier's dream home. Located on the sunny side of the mountain, it's just minutes away from the village and the casino. The house is modern yet elegant with a classic feel and a contemporary upscale design. The cathedral style ceiling has large windows that offer an amazing panoramic view.

The house has 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, which means your drunk buddies will have no excuse to puke on that the floor. You also get to take advantage of a 7000 square feet of living space that include a Gigantic entertainment room, dining room and kitchen. The outdoor deck has a BBQ you can use all year round as well as an outdoor fireplace. For some reason this place has 2 wine cellars, that way you can impress your guests by saying: "oh that one's the crappy wine cellar, let's use the good one tonight". If that doesn't impress them you can always show them the 8 person outdoor hot tub or the mother-fuckin' elevator!

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