Hockey season is right around the corner and for the thousands of us who are not good enough to play professionally, there are options outside of hanging ‘em up. From the West Island, to the south shore, Montreal has a number of options for you to ditch your significant other, play a little puck, throw back some brews and hang out with the boys.

If you still haven’t found a team, your best bet is to reach out to these leagues and enter as a “free agent” and ask if they can forward your email to other teams in the league to get you in the game!


The DWHL is Montreal’s most recognizable hockey league because there are many divisions ranging from beginner to expert and you get to travel all over the city just like your minor hockey days. Will you find it nostalgic to play in some rinks you played in as a kid?


2. NTR

NTR is an awesome spot to play if you want a break from traditional 5 on 5 hockey. NTR has 3 rinks that are all re-formatted to play the 3 on 3 style format. You can play on different nights depending on your caliber of play and they have a bar upstairs so you can recap the game and scout your next opponent.


3. Westmount

If you live in the Westmount area, this league is for you. All games are played at the newly renovated Westmount recreation club. They have 2 beautiful sheets of ice, the rooms are always ready and clean and the beer is always ice cold post game!


4. LFA

The LFA takes mens league hockey to the next level. They have trophies and awards for the winning teams and top players but they also have a player of the month award that receives a gift from their partners over at Sher-Wood hockey. Tired of paying for skate sharpenings? As a member of the league you're eligible for free skate sharpenings which means you now have more money for beer and chicken wings with the boys post game!



The ASHL is located on the south shore in Brossard and is a versatile league with the option to play 5 on 5 or 3 on 3. They have a wide range of leagues from the “A” caliber (pro-semi pro) right down to “E” caliber for players just looking to pick up hockey, have some fun and enjoy the best game on the planet.



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