Okay everyone, listen up because I'm about something that will blow your mind. You may know this already, but if you don't you definitely should. New Hampshire, the state just below Vermont that also has a border with Quebec, has NO SALES TAX! 

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Yeah, you heard me right, all of the money you spend on shopping in New Hampshire is totally tax-free. Tha's pretty amazing if you ask me. Here in Quebec we have pretty steap sales tax compared to other provinces. I'm about to give you a short lesson on how taxes work here in Quebec so if you're not interested scroll below to skip straight to the outlet malls. But if you are interested, keep reading! 

->Merrimack Premium Outlets 

-> Settlers Green Outlet Village 

->Tanger Outlet Tilton 

-> The Mall Of New Hampshire

-> Pheasant Lane Mall

Here in Quebec we don't have Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), so we have to pay for Provincial Sales Tax (PST) or here in Quebec its called Quebec Sales Tax (QST) as well as Goods and Services Tax (GST) as two separate taxes. Right now QST is at 9.975% and GST is at 5% making the total tax rate 14.975%. That's almost 15% on top of whatever you're paying. 

In New Hampshire, there's 0% sales tax! So whatever it says on that price tag is the total. That's pretty amazing for when you're looking to go on a blow a lot big shopping spree. This is going to save you a ton of money. New Hampshire is also really close to Montreal, so you won't be driving more than 4 hours to get to one of these outlet malls. 

For More Cheap Shopping In Montreal, Check The Links Below: 

For Merrimack Premium Outlets, Click "NEXT" 

Merrimack Premium Outlets 

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 21 minutes 

Top Stores: 

  • Banana Republic

  • American Eagle Outfitters 

  • Bloomingdale's 

  • Calvin Klein's 

  • Coach Outlet 

  • Converse 

  • Levi's Outlet 

  • Nike Factory Store 

  • Under Armour

For Settlers Green Outlet Village, Click "NEXT" 

Settlers Green Outlet Village 

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Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 51 minutes 

Top Stores: 

  • Adidas 

  • J. Crew 

  • New Balance Factory Story

  • Levi's Outlet 

  • Gap Outlet 

  • Coach Factory 

  • Champion Outlet 

  • Banana Republic 

  • American Eagle Outfitters 

  • PacSun 

For Tanger Outlet Tilton, Click "NEXT"

Tanger Outlet Tilton 

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Distance From Montreal: 3 hours 43 minutes 

Top Stores: 

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store

  • Under Armour 

  • Kay Jewelers Outlet 

  • Coach 

  • Tommy Hilfiger 

  • Bath & Body Works 

  • Clark's Outlet 

  • Gap Outlet 

  • Rue21

  • Levi's Outlet 

For The Mall Of New Hampshire, Click "NEXT"

The Mall Of New Hampshire 

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 13 minutes 

Top Story: 

  • Aldo

  • Forever 21 

  • Macy's 

  • Sephora 

  • The Body Shop

  • Victoria's Secret 

  • Foot Locker 

  • Charlotte Russe 

  • Best Buy 

  • Abercrombie & Fitch 

For Pheasant Lane Mall, Click "NEXT" 

Pheasant Lane Mall

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Distance From Montreal: 4 hours 38 minutes 

Top Stores: 

  • Aerie 

  • Foot Locker 

  • Lush Cosmetics 

  • Pandora 

  • Payless Shoes 

  • Sephora 

  • Target 

  • Vans 

  • Victoria's Secret 

  • Banana Republic 

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