Have you ever wanted to throw an awesome party but didn't want the cops showing up at your door for a noise complaint? Have you ever wanted to to be a Bond Villain with a secret lair? Have you ever wanted to trick Leonardo DiCaprio into thinking he's a cop when he's actually a very dangerous mental patient?

Well if you answered 'YES' to any of these questions, then apartment life clearly isn't for you. What you need, is an island.

As it turns out there are a number of island for sale in Canada, 5 of which are located right here in Quebec. Plus one bonus island you have to see to believe.



Unspoiled woodland, walking paths, oak and pine forest and a mile of shoreline. The island is populated by geese, turkey and deer. Easily accessible by boat, this island has two parts: One is 31.92 acres and the other is 56.08 acres. Fitzpatrick Island also has secret network of underwater tunnels and caves.

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Photo cred - privateislandsonline



Pristine and untouched 20 acre island. It has a two story wooden cottage surrounded by forest. The nearby area of Mont-Laurier offers a ton of outdoor activities as well as transportation and supplies. This island is described as a fisherman's dream.

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Half Crown Island is located on Thirty-One Mile Lake. The island is 3.86 acres and features 5 cabins including a huge boat house The main house is 4,000 square feet and sleeps 4, but if you don't feel like sharing you'll have plenty of space to spread out.

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This place is only 45 minutes from Montreal and if you don't feel like buying it, this is one of the rare islands you can rent for a night or a weekend. It is a four-season paradise located on Lake Echo. No island would be complete without a log cabin and this one is spectacular.

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The perfect getaway from the big city. This island has a rustic cottage surrounded by a maple forest. This island is close to a marina with boat storage so you can dock your boat when you're not using the island.

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This one is a bonus because it is 6 times more expensive than all the other islands put together. That's because this island also happens to have a gigantic castle that was once owned by Celine Dion. It is so awesome, we wrote a whole article about it.

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