This might be the last season that we’ll see BIXI’s zipping along the streets unless we are able to show Mayor Denis Coderre their inherent value to Montreal. Here are 5 good reasons we need to fight to keep them:

1.    Montreal is the creator of the BIXI.

It looks bad when the city of origin of the BIXI isn’t able to sustain them within its own city. If we get rid of them, we’ll end up being the laughing stock by all the other major cities that have successfully adopted them.

2.    The city was recognized internationally through BIXI.

In 2008, BIXI was on the Top 20 Best Inventions in Times Magazine... How often does that happen? Not often enough. So we need to keep them here!

3.    Alleviates having too many people on the metros and buses.

Between 2009 and 2012, it was recorded that a whopping 13 million trips were taken using the BIXI bikes and approximately 25,000 of those trips were on a daily basis.

4.    Helps to reduce the city’s debt by $12,000.

Do we really want to get rid of something that helps our city get closer to being in the black rather than the red? Having BIXI’s incoming revenue is a good thing because after all no one likes debt.

5.    Great for Tourism!

The bikes helped Montreal to rise amongst the largest cities in the world of cycle tourism. It is always more enjoyable to see and explore a new city while getting your daily dose of exercise.

Why do you think BIXI needs to stay in Montreal?

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