If you've never immersed yourself in a Montreal crowd, then you are seriously missing out on one of your best experiences as a Montrealer. Whether it's a concert, a hockey game, or any other event that amasses more than 100 people, rest assured that you'll be in for the time of your life. Those of you lucky enough to have been to concerts and events outside of our lovely city could say that this is true: any other city’s crowd could not compare to the greatness of Montreal’s and here’s why.

1. We’re definitely the most supportive crowd

If you attend a concert at the Bell Centre or Métropolis, you’re bound to see the artist or band stand there in disbelief over the amount of shrieks, and proceed to hear them say, “This is the loudest crowd I/we have ever heard.” The energy and enthusiasm that Montrealers bring to concerts and events are always through the roof. Not to mention, when big names come to town, Montrealers don’t disappoint and fill up the venues to their capacity. I mean, we were able to give U2 four concert dates and Celine Dion eleven – that must mean something.

2. We’ve made the “Olé” chant a thing at concerts and sporting events

What started out as a soccer chant, “Olé” later became known as an encouraging and victorious chant for the Montreal Canadiens. Because it’s a chant often heard in the Bell Centre, Montrealers adopted it at concerts and made it a custom to chant when performers left the stage, in order to urge encores.

Photo cred - GabboT

3. Performers always acknowledge the awesomeness of our crowds

It really isn’t just us inflating our own ego. Taylor Swift, the Backstreet Boys, One Direction, Drake, and Bono (to name a few) have all said it: Montreal is the loudest crowd they’ve heard. Even WWE wrestlers - performers in their own way -  along with their huge fan base, have remarked Montreal as being the best venue. We really do take the cake.

4. Forbes recognizes the Montreal Canadiens fan base as one of the best

Forbes ranks Montreal at #2 for being the NHL’s best fans. Being the largest hockey arena in the world with a capacity of a little over 21,000, the Bell Centre is known to be one of the loudest arenas in the NHL. We can assume this is due to the fact that every game is sold out. Bottom line: the roar that emerges from the arena during every hockey game is like no other.


5. Queen recorded his album at a concert in Montreal

Queen Rock Montreal is a live album by one of the most famous rock bands ever, Queen. It was recorded here in our very own city during their 1981 concert – one of the most memorable concerts they’ve ever had. This is just a testament to the fact that Montreal has the best crowd, especially since the concert was fully documented. We basically have evidence that Montrealers are the coolest concert attendees in the universe.

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