Nature lovers know there's nothing quite like being surrounded by firefly's on a relaxing summer night.

That's because no matter how many times you see them, it's hard to get over the fact that their butts have lamps on them!

Okay, so it's not an actual lamp. The glowing is caused by a biochemical reaction that occurs inside the fly's abdomen. So it's pretty much just a pretty glowing fart.

But however you want to describe it, one thing's for sure.

It's freaking magical!

And right now it's firefly mating season in Quebec which means your chances of spotting some at night are better than ever.

So if you want to spot some, you just have to know where they like to hide.

The habitat fireflies prefer the most are forests, big open fields and especially the area where the two meet, so you best bet is to be close to the edge of a forest.

The second thing fireflies love  is still-water. So anywhere you find ponds, streams and lakes you'll find fireflies.

We tried to find some areas that fit all 3 to maximize your chances of stumbling upon a firefly field.

So here are 5 spots in and around Montreal that have open fields, forests and still water.

Île Saint-Helene

Water, Check! Open Area, Check! Forest, Check! But you have better chances of spotting them if you go later at night and preferably not during any big events so it'll be quieter.


Beaver Lake

Again, this place has all three things that make fireflies want to get freaky with each other. The only bad part about beaver lake is the light that might makes them harder to see, but if you venture into the trees you'll have a better chance.


Trout Lake

I don't know why they call it Trout Lake, I spend many summers fishing there and I've never seen or caught any trouts, only perch. But one thing I remember, there were always fireflies at night around the lake because the beach is made if grass instead of sand.


Parc Mille-Iles

We're looking for water, trees and fields and this place has plenty of all 3 and it's not very far at all. So you can even go there on a weekday and be back for bedtime with time to spare.


Sainte-Lucie Beach

Just like Trout Lake, Sainte-Lucie beach near Saint-Jerome also has grass leading all the way up to the water with plenty of trees nearby.


Photo cred - Flickr

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