This weekend Lan ETS will be blowing the minds of all Montreal gamers, and you need to go. The yearly event, which started right here in Montreal and happens to be the largest LAN party in Canada, is happening from February 28th to March 2nd (doors open at 6pm on Friday) at ÉTS Montreal. With cash-competitions, a sweet set-up for all gamers, and the latest tech and swag, Montreal's gamers need to get to Lan ETS. While gamer seats are currently sold out, you can still get your tickets and join the fun in the audience. 

Here's why:

Claim the Fame and the Cash

6 major tournaments are being held at LAN ETS, all with cash prizes. The total amount of cash that can be won sits at a pretty $20, 000, and over 8000 participants are already registered. You now have the chance to live up to all of the smack talk you dish out about your gaming skills in League of Legends, Starcraft, Street Fighter, and more. Become king of the gaming ring and get some bling to boot, if you can hack it, that is.

No Lag, No Loading, ALL Gaming

To make sure that every gamer and competitor can play at peak performance, Lan ETS will be outfitted with the best tech for gaming. Connections will be at the highest of speeds (Videotron is a sponsor) and every outlet and server will be tailored to your gaming pleasure. The floor plan above (orange and red is for gamers) pretty much speaks for itself. For long sessions, you can even take a power nap at available dorm rooms, for when you can't leave and need to win, and who doesn't? Just bring yourself, your computer, and your game face.  

Try Out the Latest Tech and Swag

At a huge gaming event like Lan ETS (the largest in Canada and second largest on North America's east coast) you know the big-name companies (like MB MicroBytes and Alienware) are going to be there giving out swag and letting you try out the newest in gaming technology.

Don't get lost in the big names though, because there's some serious local tech to test. Try out some Montreal-made hardware with the Stelulu's video gaming footboard, the Stinkyboard, which lets you use your hands and your feet while playing. Competitors will want to test the Stinkyboard since it's made to streamline gaming.  Hot key moves and functions to the tap of your feet so your hands are free to do more, which can give a serious "leg up" (pun intended) when competing. You won't want to miss out on a chance to try it out-  it may just change the way you play your favourite games, for the better.

Lan ETS is a Celebration of Montreal Gaming Culture

Before being the largest gaming event in Canada, Lan ETS was just a local event held by three Montreal university students. As years have gone by the event has become an international tradition bringing together the best gamers and thousands gaming enthusiasts. Whether you're competing or just watching, be part of Montreal's largest gaming tradition.

You'll See Us There

Because MTL Blog is a lot more nerdy than you think, we'll be on-site taking pics and covering the event. Here's your chance to see the infamous Alex Melki of AnchormanMTL get all up in the gaming world, with his usual hilarity and zaniness. Anchorman will cover some of the major events and tournaments of Lan ETS, but you'll want to see everything (and Alex) in person anyway.

Will you be going to Lan ETS?

For more on gaming in Montreal, follow Michael on Twitter @MDAlimonte 
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