The weather in Montreal is finally summer-appropriate-hot. And even though it feels like it just got here, fall and winter are quickly approaching, and with that will come the bundling up and the staying indoors as much as possible. So, while the weather is still sunny and warm, we need to take every possible opportunity to take advantage of it.

Now, Montreal has endless activities and things to do outdoors, but as it just so happens, we also have tons of amazing outdoor urban spaces where you can go, chill out, catch up with friends, and even have a drink.

Here are the 6 Montreal outdoor urban spaces you need to go to right now. 

1. Grand Terrace Rouge

Saint Denis, between Roy and Duluth

2. The Urban Forest

Victoria Street, between Sherbooke and President Kennedy

3. Place de Castelnau

Rue de Castelnau, between Saint-Denis and Saint-Dominique

4. Hippozoonomadon

Saint Laurent & Guibault

Photo Cred - Ville Montreal

5. Place Park-Stanley

Stanley Park Avenue

6. Place Shamrock

Avenue Shamrock, between Saint-Dominique and Casgrain

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