Most activities are designed to be safe, consistent and predictable. In other words, boring.

But rafting throws those rules out the window to bring you a crazy action packed adventure.

Now before you ask, of course you're going to fall out of the boat. That's the whole point, you strap yourself in and hang on for dear life to an inflatable rafting that's desperately trying to throw you into the water.

So you can either head out and conquer the river or you can spend your weekend doing the same old predictable boring activities everyone else does.

The choice is yours.

Rafting Val Cartier

Price: $94.95

Not only does this cover your half day rafting trip, it also covers your wet suit rental and you get FREE waterpark access for the rest of the day.

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New Wave Expedition

Price: $24-$89

This place has a ton of options for all tastes. You can choose regular rafting, you can book a 5 à 7 trip or you can even try mini-rafting on the calmer parts of the river.

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Rafting Montreal

Price: $40

Spend the day rafting without ever having to leave the city. This place is minutes from downtown Montreal and they also offer Jet Boating if you're feeling too lazy to paddle.

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New World Rafting

Price: $99.99

Enjoy some Whitewater rafting on the Rouge River. Only 1 hour away from Montreal. This place also has a Spa, bars and even some live shows on the weekends.

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Adventure Company

Price: $69

This place is in Alberta but the organize adventures and trips all over Canada including of course some white water rafting on the Rouge River.

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Eau Vive Rafting

Price: $69

You can choose regular rafting or if you're feeling extra adventurous, try the white water kayaking or one of their combo packages.

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