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If you have ever walked through the streets of Montreal, you know that this city is glued to their phones. Everywhere you look, you’ll see people snapping photos, face-timing, or scrolling through Google. If you happen to be one of those phone savvy folks then we have some suggestions that will upgrade your app collection and make Montreal living easier.


Photo Cred: Ralf Sorgi

1. STM App (ISR Transit Inc.)

This app is essential for any Montrealer who takes the transit system. This program allows you to check bus and train times whenever, wherever you are. There will be no more waiting in the cold for half an hour, hoping the bus would come faster.


Photo Cred: JasFitz

2. iTranslate (Sonico GmbH)

iTranslate is a great app for any Anglo in distress. This little bugger contains over 80 languages (French included of course) and can translate through text or speech. This is a great way to help you translate in flash.


Photo Creds: Annette Elisabeth Rudolph

3. Deep Dish Montreal (Dynamo e-Media Inc.)

This is a recipe app like no other. It contains over 50 recipes constructed by some of Montreal’s finest chefs. It gives you step-by-step photos on how to create these delicious meals and it is available in both English and French.


Photo Creds: Sebastien Gervais

4. Canadiens de Montreal (Club de hockey Canadien, Inc.)

Here you have it, your ultimate Habs app. For all you passionate hockey fans, this app provides you with only the best. It contains statistics, play by plays and even a hockey pool all tailored towards our magnificent team.


 Photo Cred: Dan Neal

5. The Weather Network (Pelmorex Media Inc.)

If you have lived in Montreal long enough to face the winter, you know that it is always best to check the weather before you step foot outside. The Weather Network app is a reliable way to know if you should wear your fashionable winter coat, or your winter coat that makes you look like you’re ready for dog sledding.


Photo Creds: Spring

6. Poutinr (Guarana Technologies Inc.)

This app is for the poutine lovers out there who need to find food fast. It has one simple function: to locate the nearest poutine restaurant to you.


Photo Creds: Markus Spiering 

7. Cyclemeter GPS ( Abvio Inc.)

Cyclemeter is the best possible app for all of your biking needs. It has topographical maps and predetermined bike routes for you to take. It also records and stores your workouts so you can see how you progress with you cycling.

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