Canada is a beautiful country filled with nature and beautiful hidden spots to discover at every turn. From magnificent lakes to rocky landscapes, Canada has it all.

Most of you haven't had the chance to explore Canada but you really are missing out. Being Canadian is something to be proud of and we need to get out there and appreciate it's beauty and everything it has to offer!

Become one with nature and visit these 7 Canadian wonders.

1. Cheltenham Badlands, Ontario

#tbt to my first time visiting the Cheltenham Badlands

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1501-1901 Olde Base Line Rd

One of the coolest places you've never heard of in Ontario. If you haven't been here already you have to go to see this unique landscape. These badlands used to be occupied by a river, and thousands of years ago it dried up to reveal the dry, rocky climate of the badlands that we see today. 

2. Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island

420 Horne Lake Rd

Seriously, the coolest hotel in Canada! You can spend a night in spheres suspended way up in the trees. They offer some amazing excursions as well, such as ziplining, sea kayaking, nature tours, and exploring lake caves.

3. Sable Island, Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Home to over 400 wild horses, Sable Island is one of the coolest places Canada has to offer. It's shaped like a string bean and also holds the largest colony of grey seals. With such an abundance of nature and history this is one Canadian spot you won't want to miss out on.

4. Spotted Lake, Osoyoos,BC


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