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Excluding the holiday months, winter is the season most prone to making people lose their sex drive. Issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder leave people feeling glum and unsexy. But you know what Montreal? Even though we have a lot of winter, we’re also hot as all hell and are not going to be left sexless for months on end. So we are here today to encourage you to get down and dirty – parka style – all winter long.

1. Holiday Themed Sex

Christmas. Hanukkah. New Years. Valentines Day. Saint Patrick’s Day. Shall we go on? These are all wonderful opportunities to get drunk, get dressed up and have lots of naughty fun. Don’t let these holidays pass you by without a good bang!

2. Sex Keeps You Warm

If you’re doing it right, then you shouldn’t be cold.

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3. Sex Keeps You Fit

Everyone is always complaining about how they end up gaining weight in the winter months. While a little extra pudge never hurt nobody, if you’re really into burning those calories then go get nasty! According to an internet study, kissing burns around 68 calories per hour, while actually having sex can burn 144.

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4. Sex Keeps You Happy

According to, sex is an amazing way to release endorphins boost confidence and reduce stress.

5. You Don’t Have To Go Outside

I mean, unless you want to. But generally, if you’re more into keeping toasty, then sex is a perfect activity to adhere to your preference.

6. Everything Is Left To The Imagination

Summer is a great time to show off your bod and feel mega sexy. However, in a Polish study of 144 heterosexual men, they showed their sexual attraction went up when women were shown in winter garb. Sometimes showing less is more.

7. Everyone Else Is Doing It

A common known fact is that September 16th is the most commonly shared birthday, meaning December is the month that babies are conceived most. So if you’re not doing it, then your parents probably are….

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