Need a plan for the weekend? Looking for an original date idea? Tired of this grey, rainy city?

Well no matter what you're looking for, we got you covered.

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Quebec is filled with adorable little chalets, cottages and lofts you can rent for cheap. Actually these will probably cost you less and a night out of drinking in downtown Montreal.

So take a minute, pick yourself one of these adorable spots, and spend a little quality time with your lover.

Stunning Old Montreal Historic Loft

This place is comfy, luxurious, and absolutely gorgeous. It has 2 floors and it's located in the heart of Montreal's Old Port!

Accommodates: 4

Price: $122 per night

Click here for more info.

Beautiful Yurt In Nature

Forget about hotels, try this 28-foot yurt instead! Perfect for couples, friends family and groups.

Accommodates: 10

Price: $91 per night

Click here for more info.

Treetop Cabin

In case you've never has a tee house growing up, this is your chance to fulfill that dream!

Accommodates: 4

Price: $111 per night

Click here for more info.

A Little Slice Of Heaven

Located a few minutes away from Mont-Orford. Perfect for people who are looking to relax, loud events are strictly forbidden in the area.

Accommodates: 4

Price: $99 per night

Click here for more info.

Le Cozy Au Bord Du Lac

There's just nothing quite like a lakeside cottage to make you forget about all your troubles.

Price: $120 per night

Accommodates: 2

Click here for more info.

Condo With A View

This lakeside condo is located on the north side of Mont-Tremblant. Get in, put you feet up, and don't move until the weekend is over.

Accommodates: 2

Price: $130 CAD

Click here for more info.

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