I'm pretty sure that when you saw someone you really liked you wished he would just notice you. That way you wouldn't have to do something stupid to get his attention. There could be a lot of reasons why you don't have the courage to just simply ask someone to go out but you have to go past through these "reasons" and just forget all the bad things that could happen because you might let go of your soulmate without knowing it.

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1. We’re in 2016

I know that tradition says men have to do the first move, but the times has changed and women have more place in the society. If a man can ask you out, then so can you ! Everything a man can do, us, girls we can do even better ! Don’t be scared no one will judge you because you ‘broke a dating rule’.

2. Another girl might do it before you do

If you're thinking about doing the first move then it means someone else is thinking the same thing. And if by any bad luck she's bolder than you, she might just snap your chances of ever being with him.

3. You’ll stand out

Since a lot of people think men should make the first move, he'll be surprised that he was the one to be asked and not the other way around. It will make you different from the other girls who follow the rule that guys should make the first move. Also, you'll make him be sure the relationship isn't one-sided because he'll know you are really into him.

4. It shows you have confidence

To have the guts to make a first move is a great quality. Its shows you know what you want in life. Also, confidence is sexy.

5. Never let go of an opportunity

How many times have you seen someone on the bus that you really liked but because you didn't have the guts to talk to him, he just left and you know you're never going to see him. Like never. Take every opportunity you have because you'll regret the fact that you never approached him. By letting him go, you might have even missed some good times you could of have with him.

6. You won’t have to wonder anymore

If you make the first move, you won't have to wonder for hours what he's thinking anymore. If you see that he's also into you, well that is really good, and if it looks like he's not interested then you can just move on with your life and maybe you'll meet someone else later. At least, you'll have straight answers.

7. Some guys are shy too

You feel like making the first move is a lot of pressure on you? Well, it's the same for guys too! Not all of them are extrovert. Some of them might also be tired of always chasing the girls, so by doing so you'll give him a little break. You like the feeling of being wanted, then so does he.

8. You have nothing to lose.

The only bad thing that could happen is that he says no. It's not big of a deal like, you've probably said no to many dates before also. You won't die because of this. I mean, you survived all these years without dating him, you can survive more years until you find the right guy for you.

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