Everyone’s been through the wannabe-spy phase. In fact, I’d be willing to bet good money that most people never quite grow out of it. I know I haven’t. There’s just something irresistibly epic about spy movies. The suave seductresses, the fervent fight scenes and the perfectly sculpted one-liners combine in the perfect fusion of sexy and sinister, defining a genre so compelling it managed to make a mundane greeting into one of the most quoted lines in movie history- "The name’s Bond. James Bond."

So if you’re still holding on to that secret agent fantasy, secretly or not so secretly, here are eight ways to feel like a spy in Montreal:

1. Escape From A/Maze

The best part of spy movies? When the villain catches the hero, tells them their entire plan, traps them in some elaborate kill-scenario, then promptly leaves before the hero actually dies. Of course, the hero always survives, usually with some equally elaborate escape plan. A/Maze offers three scenarios to test your escape skills— a prison, a mad scientist's lab and a lost temple. To get out, you have to solve a variety of problems and puzzles, putting your wits to the test.


2. Shoot Air Guns At Tir Du Soleil

Whether they’re stashed inside the handle of an umbrella or up a woman’s skirt, guns are a central part of all spy movies. Traditional shooting ranges can get expensive, but Tir Du Soleil works only with air guns, so the prices are reasonable. You can hone your shooting skills for only $15 an hour — a small price to pay for do-it-yourself spy training.


3. Take MMA Lessons At Angry Monkey

If there’s one thing secret agents can do, it’s fight (the church scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service, anyone?).  As there are a variety of fighting styles out there, mixed martial arts (MMA) is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the sport, and you can take lessons right here in Montreal at Angry Monkey. Whether you’re in it to eventually compete, to feel safer walking home at night, or just to blow off a little steam, learning how to fight is a major stepping stone towards becoming a spy.


4. Play High Stakes Poker At The Casino De Montréal

If suiting-up for high stakes poker at the Casino de Montréal doesn’t make you feel like a secret agent, I don’t know what will. Admittedly, the stakes probably won’t be as high as they were in Casino Royale, but that’s probably nothing to complain about. To top off the image, order a martini to keep at your side.


5. Suit Up For All Night Laser Tag At Laser Quest

Nothing says secret agent like strapping on a laser-proof vest and shooting people all night long. And at Laser Quest, you don’t even need a license to kill to do it! A few times a year, they host a fancy, all-night laser tag game you can sign up for with your friends. To complete the fantasy, give yourselves epic code names like ‘Galahad’ that will pop up on your victims’ screens each time you make a kill.


6. Stay A Night At The Ritz-Carlton

Spies always seem to stay at the fanciest hotels, in the largest, most lavish suites. Apparently, money’s no object when the world’s on the line. Well, there’s no shortage of ritzy hotels in Montreal, and the fanciest of them all is probably the aptly named Ritz Carlton. Stay a night in this hotel after some classy drinks on the town and you’ll be feeling like a proper Montreal spy.


7. Go For A Martini At Pullman Wine Bar

Shaken not stirred, of course. Drink order aside, the atmosphere of this opulent wine bar is enough to make you feel like a spy. With sleek decor and a chandelier made of wine glasses, it’s an excellent place to stage classy rendez-vous and practice your secret agent charms. After all, charisma and manners (they maketh a man, if you haven’t heard) are as much a part of being a spy as the guns and gadgets.


8. Take Parkour Lessons At The Spot

Most people would say car chases are cooler than on-foot pursuits, but enter parkour into the equation and it’s a whole different ballgame. No longer are roads the only place to chase down the enemy— towering cranes, building tops and even building sides all become fair game. Learning parkour would build many of the skills associated with secret agents— agility, strength, quick-thinking and of course, parkour itself. At The Spot, you can take parkour lessons and become a proper urban gazelle, with the city landscape as your savannah.


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