Congratulations, Montreal! You just made it through the "biggest snowstorm of the season."

And while the snow day might have been annoying to some, it was also a day for many Montrealers, in all their goofy glory, to shine.

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TL;DR Below are compiled photos and videos showing Montrealers make the most of the snow day.

To celebrate Montreal and its ability to handle major snowstorms (and laugh off all of the accompanying dysfunction), we've compiled dozens of photos and videos of Montrealers making the most of the blizzard-y day.

Some of these are painfully relatable while others showcase some pretty hilarious snow survival techniques.

Stay safe out there!

First, we can all relate to this unfortunate situation:

Montreal commuters have to get creative.

It turns out this video was part of a creative marketing stunt! Watch how this video was created below:

There's the undeniable pleasure of watching other people shovel out their cars.

And the moment you realize buying a white car in Montreal is a bad idea:

The ruthless "every man for himself" attitude that takes over:

And trying to find the silver lining:

Even the police participate in the big joke that is Montreal after a storm:

Snowsurfing, the unofficial national sport:

Snow-swimming, the other unnofficial national sport:

Also, snow-mountain diving:

Just forget about digging out your home:

Public transit, of course, just can't handle it either.

At some point we all just give up.

Spotted: a wild Montrealer teaching its offspring to walk through the treacherous terrain:

Montrealers really know how to use the snow to their advantage:

The really satisfying pleasure of coming across an untouched snowscape:

And the joy of becoming a Canadian stereotype when you have to clean it up:

Just chillin in the huge piles of snow:

@spontaneoussharonembedded via  

Losing your dog in the snow #ithappens

Parking enforcement officers seem especially petty in all this snow:

Snow graffiti artists are everywhere, mocking your misery:

Even 40cm of snow can't stop Montrealers from biking to work.

Who needs proper winter attire?

And, finally, singing this song all day:

Check out this compilation of Montreal snow-related fun/horror from MTL Blog News:

@mtlblogembedded via  

Stay safe out there, Montreal!


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