Yesterday I must've seen just about every newspaper in Montreal talking about how the average salary in Montreal is $30,64 an hour.

The only problem was that number seemed a little high and none of the articles actually gave any sources.

So I decided to track down this study and this is what I found.

It turns out $30,64 is the average salary for people who work in companies that have between 200 and 499 employees. And since most people in this province don't work in such companies, the number is way off.

Plus those stats are divided into far too many sub categories such as unionized and non-unionized workers, those who have a college education and those who work in either the public or private sectors.

But I wanted the overall average, so we went on StatsCan to find the average weekly salary for every province in Canada to see how Quebec measure up.

We divided the weekly salary by 40 hours which is the length of the average work week and this is what we found:

Canadian Average

Weekly Salary: $952.11

Hourly Wage : $23.80

Newfoundland and Labrador

Weekly Salary:  $1,017.04

Hourly Wage: $25.42

Prince Edward Island

Weekly Salary: $800.70

Hourly Wage: $20.01

Nova Scotia

Weekly Salary: $835.01

Hourly Wage: $20.87

New Brunswick

Weekly Salary: $855.21

Hourly Wage: $21.38


Weekly Salary: $867.67

Hourly Wage: $21.69


Weekly Salary: $962.73

Hourly Wage: $24.06


Weekly Salary: $880.17

Hourly Wage: $22.00


Weekly Salary: $981.61

Hourly Wage: $24.54


Weekly Salary: $1,145.97

Hourly Wage: $28.64

British Columbia

Weekly Salary: $910.43

Hourly Wage: $22.76


Weekly Salary: $1,050.83

Hourly Wage: $26.27

Northwest Territories

Weekly Salary: $1,421.46

Hourly Wage: $35.53


Weekly Salary: $1,255.98

Hourly Wage: $31.39

The lesson here is, always check your stat sources and if you get a chance, move to the Northwest Territories.

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