Photo cred - Naturehumaine

One of the most quaint, adorable, and inviting homes we have seen in a good long while resides in Montreal's south shore. Titled the Dulwich Residence, as it stands on Ave. de Dulwich in Saint-Lambert, the home is actually a relic of the 1920s recently modernized by Naturehumaine, not that you could even really tell.

Occupying a spacious green lot, the owners of the Dulwich Residence recognized their house was a little outdated, and so sought an extension that would bring the home into the 21st century, without completely destroying the original old-school aesthetic.

Added onto the existing house were two rectangular volumes stacked atop each other, with brick making up the base and steel the top. The house instantly became more spacious, and allowed the architects to shift around the original floorplan, moving bedrooms to the smaller spaces of the second floor house while recreating areas with high ceilings into large shared spaces.

A particular focus was made to allow large windows, in order to offer a view into the backyard and garden. Coupled with the lightly coloured wood that lines the home's floors, walls, and cielings, a bright and inviting atmosphere runs throughout the Dulwich Residence, just what a family home needs.

Take a look inside the Dulwich Residence through the photos below, courtesy of Naturehumaine.

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