We've all been there, a little shy and a little curious, scared to participate, yet dying to be a part of the lingerie-clad, toiletpaper-throwing festivities that take place at the Imperial theatre every year. Here's what to expect at this year's ritual Rocky Horror Picture Show screening; follow our lead and you'll do sexily.

What To Wear.

It's probably wisest to dress up for the show, seeing as the actors will bring fresh blood onstage and have their way with them. I wouldn't recommend that humiliation.

Girls, this would be your cue to dig into your lingerie drawer for those corsets that never get to leave the bedroom. Or, you can grab a french maid costume at just about any costume store. Pair it with a red wig, smoky eye make up and some red lipstick and you're transformed into Magenta!

Feeling a little sparkly? Columbia's outfit should be perfect for you, then. Grab all of your sparkly club attire or get some at an H&M near you. Sequined shorts, a sequined blazer and a black camisole should do the trick. For the hat, hit up some costume stores, or be thrifty: buy some sequins and glue from an arts supply store, and a top hat from any thrift store to create this look.

If you're a little less into the eye makeup and bustiers, maybe go for Janet's floor show outfit, its simple but scandalous just the same. Pair a white bra with a white skirt and you should be good to go. It's really just that simple.

None of these appeal to you? No issue there. Create your own outfit by pairing a bustier or camisole with shorts or a tight skirt and some fishnets. For makeup, more is better. Go crazy.

Dudes, raid your girlfriends' closets. Frank's look is the obvious choice if you're feeling bold. You'll need a garter, fishnet tights and a tight black shirt. Pearl necklace and lace gloves to pull it together. Lather on some eye makeup, but really, let a girl help you out there.

Got a gold speedo and the balls to wear it out? Slick back your hair if you're blond, or grab a wig. That's your Rocky costume.

If you're less into dressing up, dress down with Brad's outfit: a white wife beater and boxers should do just fine.

What To Bring.

If you've got any kind of head on your shoulders, you know this is the kind of event you need to pre-drink for, bring a flask to, and continue to party afterwards. Do that. And when you're there? Follow veterans' leads, especially the callback lines. The audience will yell "slut" everytime they hear Janet's name, and "asshole" when Brad's is. So, whenever you hear a line coming on, join in and YELL.

Clearly, a big part of the ritual is the silliness, and there's nothing sillier than the audience throwing things on stage. Bring toilet paper rolls and sliced bread to participate when the throwing begins. As long as you're bringing things, bring a newspaper along: use it when Janet does.

At some point, when the Time Warp begins, everyone will get up and dance. It's pretty easy, here's how to move to it:

Jump to the left with your hands up, step to the right, with your  hands on your hips bring your knees in, then pelvic thrust and swivel. Repeat!

Last, enjoy! It comes around once and a year, and its a global cult following with few comparisons. Word of advice, the drunker you are, the more awesome the experience will be!

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